How to Halt Negativity and Get More Motivated

How to get back into work and thrive

The best way to get something done is to begin
Get motivated at work and get work done. Getty PS

Have you ever hit a point in your career where you lost the motivation to succeed?  Have you felt like what you’re working on isn’t something you care deeply for and it’s just a way to a paycheck

For some this mentality works fine but for others they find they need a bit of passion to get them through the work week.

How can you get back into work and find some motivation?  Check out these seven tips to get your head back in the game!

Tip #1:  Change things up

A little dose of change in your work environment will spice things up.  Clean your work space well and clear the clutter. Move your laptop and phone to a different spot. Add some “life” to your space with a new plant, a fish bowl, or a waterfall fixture. Create a playlist that will inspire you.  Perhaps this includes fast-paced songs or soothing background noise. 

And don’t forget your car, if you drive to work!  Clean out your car.  Find a new air freshener.  Leave a bag in the car to collect miscellaneous items like sippy cups, paperwork, toys, or athletic gear.

Tip #2:  Tackle the hard project first

Has there been a challenging assignment hanging over your head?  Just do the work.  Push aside the negative self-talk and the worries and just begin the project.  If you get stuck expect to feel resistance and just keep working. 

Use your network to break through barriers, this means not only your professional network but friends and family.

  Tell them what you’re working on which will allow you to think while you talk. 

Envision the project completed and how you feel about it!  How will you reward yourself for a job well done?

Tip #3:  Create personal and professional goals

Yes as a working mom you have a lot on your plate, but this makes goal setting that much more important.


Focusing on goals will help you avoid indulging in fillers (like surfing the internet or complaining to co-workers about your lack of motivation).  Setting goals will put some spark back into your daily routing because it puts you in control.  You will get back into work when you see it as a vehicle to hit the goals you have set.

Tip #4:  Compare your workload to your professional goals

Write about your current workload including all extra projects you need to work on and then want to work on. Next compare this workload to your goals you created in tip #3. 

What are you working on every day that will get you closer to your goals?  Are you heading in the right direction?  If not, adjust.

Tip #5:  Network at work

Have lunch or take breaks with co-workers outside of your department.  Learn about projects that they are working on and share information about yours. 

Seek to learn more about the business you are working for! You may feed off the excitement others feel for their work within your organization.

Tip #6:  Learn something new   

Research training that applies to your career or for something that applies to the goals that you set.  Not only will this give you a fresh perspective of your job but it also gives you a break from the daily grind as well as networking opportunities.


Tip #7:  Take a break

Distance makes the heart grow stronger.  Start planning a long or mini vacation.  If you can’t afford to escape somewhere plan a stay-vacation which includes no housework. 

If you don’t have much time off, plan an afternoon at the spa, batting cages, or maybe a round of golf. 

The point is to do something you like to do (not something that you have to do).