Handmade Wooden Toys for Kids From India

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    Wooden Giraffe Toys From India

    Wooden toy giraffes from India

    There are many handmade wooden toys from India. These toys reflect deep cultural and traditional values as they are part of an age-old toy-making art. The brightly colored toys are handcrafted out of wood and then lacquered with paints. Most toys are based on the local people, their way of living and their traditional costumes.

    These are gorgeous toys, which may be best used more as keepsakes and room decorations. Parents should supervise their children using these toys and need to be aware that...MORE toys purchased and made in other countries may not meet the rigorous testing standards of new toys manufactured in the United States.

    Many parents and children will certainly adore these beautiful yellow, wooden giraffe toys.

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    Rocking Horse

    Wooden Toy Rocking Horse From India

    This colorful, beautiful rocking horse is such a hit with the kids. The horse is a unique ride-on toy, which can give all the little ones a ride that they will remember. A toy like this is a great keepsake. One they will most likely pass on from one family member and generation to another.

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    Stacking Rings

    Wooden Stacking Rings Toys From India

    Colors, colors, colors everywhere! These stacking rings come in all shapes and sizes. Stacking rings help children to develop their fine motor skills, as they place one on top of the other. Parents should monitor young children who might put small pieces in their mouth.

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    Wooden Carousel From India

    Wooden Carousel Toy from India

    This wooden merry-go-round toy is very similar to the ones families might spot at fairs in Indian villages. Usually turned by hand, the carousel is the center of attraction at the fair and will make a fun toy for children to play with, too.

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    A Pair Of Dolls

    Wooden Toys from India In Costume

    This pair of dolls represents a boy and a girl all dressed up in their traditional Indian costumes. The dolls are handmade, complete with their traditional headgear and costumes. Many children will love using these dolls along with their imagination.

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    Three Ladies In The Market

    wooden toys from India
    Three Ladies In The Market.

    This wooden toy features ladies in the market in India. The 3 ladies are busy grinding wheat flour with their hand mills. Wheat flour is a staple food in India, and in many places is still ground by hand instead of using a machine.

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    Toy Soldier Wooden Toys from India

    Toy Soldiers

    Look at these smart toy soldiers all lined up in their bright shiny outfits. Each of them plays a musical instrument to lead their army on!

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    Fisher Women Selling Fish Wooden Toys From India


    Following tradition, these toys depict fisherwoman who sell the fish caught by their husbands. In India, many women wear baskets on top of their heads. The baskets include a bunch of fresh fish which they in return sell in the local markets.

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    A Pack Of Wolves, Wooden Toys From India

    Wolves Wooden Toys from India

    This picture is of a pack of wooden wolf toys from India. Children will enjoy watching and playing with these black and white wolves, all which have movable heads.

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    Monkey Made Out Of A Coconut Shell

    Coconut Shell Monkey

    This is a very unique little monkey indeed! This monkey is hand carved and fashioned out of a coconut shell. This toy is a great addition as a decoration in a child's bedroom or playroom.  

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