How to Make Handprint Crafts

Take some time and enjoy making some or all of these handprint crafts. You can make these crafts by tracing, dipping, or pressing your hands. These crafts not only make wonderful gifts and decorations, they are also a unique way to make a record of a child's growth. If you are looking for a handprint craft that makes a great gift, check out all of these tutorials.

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    Cherry Tree Craft

    Cherry Tree Craft
    Cherry Tree Craft.

    Follow the directions here and learn how to make a cherry tree by tracing your arm and your hand and dipping your finger in paint.

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    Christmas Tree Handprint Craft
    Christmas Tree Handprint.
    Discover how simple it is to craft a Christmas tree using a collection of handprints cut out of green paper.
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    Fairy Foot and Handprint Craft
    Fairy Foot and Hand.
    Not only will you use a couple of handprints to make this fairy, but also a footprint.
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    Fall Fabric Tree

    Fall Fabric Tree Handprint Craft
    Fall Fabric Tree.
    Trace your hand and forearm onto brown paper and use it as the trunk to make this tree full of colorful leaves.
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    Family Rainbow Handprints Craft
    Family Rainbow.
    A visitor named Mandy explains how, by using a different color of paint for each family, you can create a fun rainbow using your handprints.
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    Give Me A Hand Art Journal Page
    Art Journal Page.
    This fun handprint craft was shared by Laura Thykeson. She explains how she created an amazing handprint art journal page.
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    Grandma's Handprint and Footprint Project
    Grandma's Handprint and Footprint Project. Submitted by Maria Shiyou
    A visitor named Maria Shiyou explains how she uses hand prints to decorate a wall in her house.
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    Handprint Garden Stepping Stone

    Handprint Garden Stepping Stone
    Handprint Garden Stepping Stone.
    Learn how you can make customized stepping stones by using your handprints.
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    Handprint Journal Page
    Handprint Journal Page.
    Follow these instructions and you can learn how to make a unique handprint journal page just like this one made by Eileen, the Artful Crafter.
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    Mask Handprint Craft
    Handprint Mask Craft.
    Trace your hands onto craft foam and then use them to create thus venetian style mask.
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    Helping Hands Craft

    Helping Hands Craft
    Helping Hands Craft.
    This colorful handprint wreath design was submitted by Cindy of St. Paul's United Church of Christ.
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    Lamb Handprint

    Lamb Handprint Craft
    Lamb Handprint.
    Craft this cute little lamb out of your handprint and some popped popcorn.
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    May Day Tree

    Lamb Handprint
    Lamb Handprint.
    You can celebrate May Day by making one of these tree crafts.
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    Snowman Ornament

    Snowman Ornament Handprint Craft
    Snowman Ornament.
    This is a fun keepsake made using a ball ornament and a handprint.
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    Soda Pop Can Spider Handprint Craft
    Soda Pop Can Spider.
    Discover how to use your handprints to make the legs for this spider crafts.
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    Spider Handprint Craft

    Spider Handprint Craft
    Spider Handprint Craft.
    Can you believe you can make an adorable spider using handprints, a toilet paper roll, and a few basic craft supplies.
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    Sun Handprint

    Sun Handprint Craft
    Sun Handprint.
    This project sheet shared directions for making a happy sunshine out of a paper plate and some handprints.
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    Turkey Handprint Craft
    Turkey Handprint.
    This cute turkey will look great hanging up to decorate for your next Thanksgiving dinner party.