9 Handprint Crafts for Kids

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    9 Handprint Crafts for Kiddos

    Make and Takes

    Handprint crafts are a fun activity for kids. These are all very simple crafts that can be done in under an hour. From Thanksgiving turkeys to handprint flowers, you'll find something to enjoy for every season and occasion.

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    Fall Handprint Tree Craft

    Fall Handprint Tree Craft
    Make and Takes

    This handprint tree is a great fall craft to do with your kids. Get a little messy and have a little fun with this craft. Hang these pictures in your home for autumn. 

    Fall Handprint Tree Craft from Make and Takes

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    Recycled CD Turkey Kids Craft

    Recycled CD Turkey Kids Craft
    Make and Takes

    Your kids can use their handprints to make the feathers on this recycled CD turkey craft. Try this incredibly easy and fun project for Thanksgiving and fall time.

    Recycled CD Turkey Kids Craft from Make and Takes

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    Handprint Fish Puppets

    Handprint Fish Puppets
    Craft Morning

    Make fish puppets out of handprints with this creative craft. Use these adorable puppets for make-believe underwater play time. Your little ones will love this fish craft.

    Handprint Fish Puppets from Crafty Morning

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    Handprint Flower DIY Bookmarks

    Handprint Flower Bookmarks
    Live Craft Love

    Help your kiddos trace their hands to craft these DIY flower bookmarks. Use these bookmarks to help keep your reading place in a book, as a fun keepsake, or a gift to loved ones. 

    Handprint Flower DIY Bookmarks from Live Craft Love

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    Airbrush Handprint Turkey Keepsake

    Airbrush Handprint Turkey
    Make and Takes

    Bring on the fall decor with this handprint turkey craft. This craft is perfect for Thanksgiving decor for your home.

    Airbrush Handprint Turkey Keepsake from Make and Takes

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    Back-To-School Footprint Bus

    Back-To-School Footprint Bus
    I Heart Arts N Crafts

    Give the hands a break and use your footprint to create this school bus craft for back-to-school. Use yellow paint for that classic school bus color! Kids of all ages will enjoy this craft!

    Back-To-School Footprint Bus from I Heart Arts N Crafts

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    Handprint Pumpkin Keepsake

    Pumpkin Keepsake
    Make and Takes

    I love this pumpkin keepsake craft  for autumn. This would be a sweet first craft for a baby or toddler using their little handprint. Keep this in their baby book for a forever keepsake.

    Handprint Pumpkin Keepsake from Make and Takes

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    Handprint Campfire

    Handprint Campfire
    Glued To My Crafts

    Turn handprints into a cozy campfire with this project. Finish it by using cotton balls for the marshmallows. This craft makes me want to go camping!

    Handprint Campfire from Glued To My Crafts

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    Popsicle Stick Baby Chick

    Popsicle Stick Baby Chick
    Make and Takes

    Tweet tweet! This Popsicle Stick Baby Chick Kid Craft is sure to be a crowd pleaser and it doubles as a festive decor piece as well!

    Popsicle Stick Baby Chick from Make and Takes