17 Hanging Herb Garden Ideas That Really Save Space

Kitchen window hanging herb garden

Little House On The Corner

If you've always wanted fresh herbs for your kitchen but have limited space in your garden, or your soil isn't workable, why not try creating a hanging herb garden. Herb gardens also work well indoors if you don't have the climate to grow them outdoors or you want to take advantage of some good light.

Check out these creative 17 hanging herb garden ideas for inspiration.

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    Vintage-Inspired Style

    Hanging herb boxes

    Joyfully Growing

    These boxes have a vintage twist, making them the perfect fit for a farmhouse-style home. With boxes that sit up against a wall like this, make sure they still get enough light. Most herbs, including thyme, rosemary, and sage, require a sunny position to thrive.

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    Wine Bottle Herb Garden

    Wine bottle hanging herb garden

    Kaz Bunce

    This hand made herb planter uses recycled and cut wine bottles to hold the herbs. The scaffold board holder has the names of the herbs written on pieces of cut slate.

    Planting cold-tolerant herbs like chives is a great option if you live in a more temperate region—plus, it's attractive to pollinators while repelling more problematic insects. Dill is another cold-hardy herb.

    You'll also want to select herbs that don't grow too wide for this design. Chives, basil, lavender, parsley, or mint are good choices.

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    Kokedama-Inspired Herb Holders

    Kokedamas hanging herbs


    Kokedama is the practice of suspending the root ball of a plant in a mud ball coated in moss. This Japanese plant-based artform has inspired this herb planter trio.

    Herbs like oregano are well suited to hanging planters where they will develop an attractive trailing habit. When growing oregano, situate it somewhere with plenty of direct light, like a south- or west-facing window, and make sure you select a well-drained potting mix as it doesn't do well in waterlogged soil.

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    Pallet Herb Garden

    Pallet Herb Garden


    If you love an upcycling project and can get your hands on a wooden pallet, you could turn this into a herb garden to hang on a sturdy garden wall. Stain or paint in a color that works for your garden design and select herbs suited to your USDA growing zone.

    Multi-tiered designs like this work well when you're growing lots of different herbs. Some like basil and dill are annuals, so when they're done, you'll still have lots of other herbs on the go to choose from.

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    Mason Jar Hangers

    Mason jar hanging herb garden


    Do you have an abundance of old mason jars? Why not attach them to a wood board that you can fill with herbs in or outdoors.

    Because there are no drainage holes in mason jars, if you're concerned about rot root, only add water equal to about one-third of the volume of the container at a time.

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    Large Trellis Planters

    Hanging herb wall planters


    These herb-filled planters have been attached to trellis frames to sit on a sunny deck. The planters are big enough to grow more than one type of herb in each. If you opt to try this, make sure whatever combination you go for have similar growing requirements.

    Fast-growing herbs will fill up larger containers in no time. Mint is a great example, and planting this sometimes unruly herb this way saves you worrying about its invasive tendencies causing problems for other surrounding plants.

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    Herb Swing

    Swing hanging herb garden


    This DIY swing planter holder would work for hanging from a fence in the garden or in a sunny window indoors. All it takes to recreate is a drill, a piece of wood, some rope and a metal ring.

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    Repurposed Retro Chandalier

    Chandalier hanging herb garden


    Creative repurposing opens up all sorts of ideas. This retro chandelier makes a fantastic option for a hanging herb garden.

    If you're using something like this outside, you may need to seal or paint it to keep it weatherproof. Indoors, this is a great option for a mid-century modern home with retro decor.

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    Simple Design

    Another hanging herb garden with white planters


    Do you have herbs that need planting with good drainage? This DIY project using traditional planters attached to an upcycled wooden board works well. Although containers with drainage will only work if this is positioned outside!

    The simplicity of the design will look good in most spaces.

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    Hanging Macrame Planters

    Macrame hanging herb garden


    Macrame is making a comeback, especially for lovers of retro chic. Hanging macrame planters are available from many retailers, or you can follow a tutorial to make them in a pattern of your choosing. Just make sure the design is sturdy enough to hold the herb planters going in it.

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    Simple DIY Solution

    Hanging herb garden against a gray brick wall


    Not all hanging herb garden ideas have to involve complicated DIY. Attach a couple of hanging rails to your wall or fence, select some containers with handles or screw holes, and then hang them from the rails with strong twine.

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    Multi-Tiered Window Hanging Herb Garden

    Kitchen window hanging herb garden

    Little House On The Corner

    For enthusiastic DIYers, you could try your hand at making this multi-tiered hanging herb garden which fits perfectly in a sunny window.

    Herbs are well suited to growing in containers. Most herbs have small root systems, and they don't need planting in large pots, so you can fit quite a few planters on each row.

    To successfully grow herbs on a windowsill, you'll want to select a draft-free south- or southwest-facing window where your herbs get at least six hours of sun per day.

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    Rustic Charm

    A wooden hanging herb garden


    Repurpose a wooden pallet by removing a few boards to fashion a hanging, multi-tiered herb garden. It's perfect if you want to create a bit of rustic charm.

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    Vertical Terracotta Planters

    Wooden Pole Hanging Herb Garden


    This DIY project works even if you don't have much available wall space—you can hang it from porch eaves. Selecting fragrant herbs such as basil, lavender, or lemon balm means you can appreciate their scents while you sit relaxing in your outdoor space.

    Using terracotta pots looks good, and their porous nature makes them a good choice for drought-tolerant herbs that like drier soil.

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    Vertical Hanging Herb Garden

    Vertical hanging herb garden


    This vertical hanging herb garden is made with durable leftover hardwood and allows you to pack lots of great herbs into limited space. Just make sure you don't pack yours so full that you block the light for the planters lower down.

    The beauty of this design is that you can lift the planters off the wall and move them inside if the herbs need overwintering indoors.

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    Cascading Rail Planter

    Cascading rail herb planter


    If you have rails leading from your kitchen to the backyard, it's the perfect spot for a hanging herb garden. This one made from cedar cleverly positions the full sun plants on the top row and the ones that can handle partial shade underneath.

    Some herbs that grow in partial shade include lemon balm, chives, and mint.

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    Ladder Hanger

    Ladder hanging herb garden


    If you want to take advantage of the bright light streaming through a glass door, get creative with a set of traditional wooden ladders. These bucket planters are holding thyme, oregano, and parsley.

    Other herbs that grow well in full sun include basil, cilantro, and lemongrass.