12 Hanging Storage Hacks to Get Your Home Super Organized

mugs hanging from hooks on the wall

The Spruce / Ali Elshabrawi

If you live in a small space, finding room for all of your essentials can be challenging. Whether you're wrangling an assortment of hats, scarves, and coats in your closets or making an easy-access area for your shoe collection, hanging storage ideas can elevate your organizational efforts—literally.

Various types of hanging organization can be set up to suit your kitchen, garage, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Rather than wishing for extra closets, use these simple hacks to optimize the space you already have.

Here, find the 12 best hanging storage ideas to upgrade your storage game.

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    Colorful Coat Knobs

    Ikea LOSJÖN knobs scattered on a wall for hanging storage

    Bulky and oddly-shaped items like coats, hats, and umbrellas can eat up your closet space. Luckily, you can transform any blank wall into helpful hanging storage using coat knobs. Add them to the interior of cluttered closets to keep items out of view, or put them on display as a design feature by scattering the knobs across a wall in your entryway. Bonus: If you're optimizing hanging organization in a rental, peel-and-stick knobs like these colorful LOSJÖN hangers from IKEA don't require any drilling.

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    Retail Display Turned Home Storage

    Wire grid shoe storage

    While you've likely seen grid panels used for product displays in stores, these versatile hangers can also serve as a hanging organization in your home. Mount them inside the closet to hang your favorite collection of shoes, or make them multi-use by adding hooks for additional items like scarves and hats. These panels can also be used as a garage storage solution to organize a variety of tools in one place. Many office supply and hardware stores sell grid panels, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors ready for your DIY touch.

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    Upcycled Bike Hanger

    Bike handles hanging on a white wall
    Andreas Scheiger

    No wildlife was harmed in designer Andreas Scheiger's take on an animal trophy wall. Scheiger used old bicycle parts—specifically the seats and handlebars—to form what looks like a head and antlers attached to a wooden plate. The result is a sturdy wall-mounted hanging organization unit that has plenty of hanging capacity for jackets, bags, umbrellas, and even bikes. Not only is the idea functional, but it creates an attractive hanging storage solution for display in the living area.

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    Pegboard in the Kitchen

    Kitchen pegboard with kitchen items hanging on it

    Elizabeth Joan Designs created this pegboard storage board to clean out a messy utensil drawer. Joan purchased pegboard and hooks from a hardware store, hung them in an easily accessible spot in her kitchen, then arranged her utensils in a decorative (but functional) hanging storage design. Utilize the idea in your own space to say goodbye to drawer diving for your favorite kitchen tools.

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    Not Just a Shoe Cabinet

    Trones shoe cabinets hung on a wall

    The IKEA TRONES shoe cabinet is an affordable hanging storage idea that's both practical and pretty. Although the cabinets were designed to store shoes, they can be hung anywhere in your home for convenient small-item storage. Their narrow depth makes them especially suitable to tap the storage potential in tight areas, such as a bathroom or hallway. 

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    Shoe Shelving

    DIY dowel shoe storage shelves
    Design Milk

    Shoes somehow always seem to find their way into a messy pile at the door, but they can also be stored vertically to maximize your space. This DIY dowel shelving looks like an artsy piece of furniture, yet it's a practical way to approach hanging organization and keep your shoes off the floor. It's easy and inexpensive to make and can be customized to your space and storage needs.

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    Floating Bookcases

    Floating billy bookcase
    Ikea Hackers

    Bulky furniture can make a small room feel overloaded, but that's not the case with this wall-mounted BILLY bookcase hack. These IKEA hackers mounted their Billy bookcases to steel L-brackets on the wall several inches above the floor. The hanging storage gives their room a much more airy feel, and it makes cleaning under the furniture a breeze.

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    No-Sew Wall Pocket

    A no-sew wall pocket hanging on a white wall
    Design Milk

    Handmade projects don't have to be time-consuming to make: This simple no-sew wall pocket can help create hanging storage to organize those important papers that clutter your desk by taking advantage of vertical storage space. The project is easy enough for a beginner crafter to create, yet it looks stylish enough for a designer home.

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    Slatted Bed Base Storage

    Slatted bed base hanging storage units
    Ich Designer

    This DIY hanging storage solution uses a slatted wood bed base from IKEA. The inexpensive bed base is made from wood connected with fabric, so it can easily be cut to fit your needs. Mount it to the wall, then use S-hooks to hang baskets and other items for storage. You can also use it as a hanging organization for a vertical indoor garden that doesn't take up counter space.

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    Shower Curtain Rod Caddy

    Shower tension rod storage hack
    Dawn Nicole

    Not enough space in your builder-grade tub? A tension shower curtain rod can be an easy and affordable hanging storage solution to create some space for your bath products. Dawn Nicole Designs installed a shower curtain rod in the back of this shower, then used shower curtain hooks to hang loofahs and a basket for children's bath toys. The rod also is useful for storing washcloths, wet swimsuits, and anything else that needs to drip dry.

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    Hanging Mug Art

    Mug storage wall mount
    Her Campus

    If coffee mugs are cluttering your cupboards, it's time to try a hanging storage idea that puts your favorites on display. This wall-mounted solution not only frees up cabinet space but can also dress up empty kitchen walls. Simply attach small hooks to a piece of wood—spacing them according to your mugs' sizes—then hang each mug by the handle. Mount the display to your wall at the right height for your household members to reach coffee mugs with ease.

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    DIY Utensil Rack

    Wire fence with utensils hung above a stove in a kitchen
    A Beautiful Mess

    Mandi Johnson from A Beautiful Mess created this simple and efficient hanging storage idea by repurposing a wire utensil rack using a piece of inexpensive wire mesh rebar that's found in the concrete section of most hardware stores. After cutting it to size and protecting the raw steel from rust with a bare metal primer, she painted it her color of choice. Create one for your kitchen, securely mount it to the wall, then use S-hooks to hang spoons, colanders, and other cooking utensils.