Hangorize Standard Clothes Hangers Review

Perfect for hanging most garments

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Hangorize Standard Clothes Hanger

Hangorize Standard Tubular Clothes Hangers

 The Spruce / Theresa Holland

What We Like
  • Standard, versatile hangers

  • Good for shirts, pants, dresses, and coats

  • Very slim

  • Affordable price

What We Don't Like
  • Made of relatively thin plastic

  • Somewhat slippery

  • Not ideal for heavy coats and pants

The Hangorize Standard Clothes Hangers are an excellent choice for those in the market for an affordable set of basic hangers.


Hangorize Standard Clothes Hanger

Hangorize Standard Tubular Clothes Hangers

 The Spruce / Theresa Holland

We purchased Hangorize's Standard Clothes Hangers so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Closet organization can be an extremely satisfying task. That being said, it can also be frustrating—especially without the proper tools. While closet kits and organizers can help get things tidy, hangers are vital for every wardrobe. As an avid shopper and fashion enthusiast with an often overflowing wardrobe, sometimes I feel like I never have enough. New hangers go a long way to keeping our closets in order. Sorting through various brands to find the best hangers on the market can be tough. To find out if the Hangorize Standard Clothes Hangers were a good option, we tested a 60-pack of white hangers. Here’s our take.

Design: Slim and versatile

The plastic tubular clothes hangers from Hangorize have a slim and versatile design. They’re made from a single piece of plastic without any moving or rotating parts. Each hanger is notably narrow with uniform 0.25-inch thickness throughout—except for reinforced plastic in the curves, which is supposed to increase durability.

Hangorize Standard Tubular Clothes Hangers
The Spruce / Theresa Holland 

Hanging folded pants is easy. Regardless of the collar opening, putting away shirts and dresses is simple, and small hooks on each side of the hanger can be used for hanging shirts and dresses with thin straps.

These hangers have a chic look, which I didn’t expect from a plastic product. The slim profile allows me to fit more clothing items on each rod in my closet than with some of my existing hangers with a wider design. Besides saving space by hanging each item closer together, my small closet looks much better with matching hangers.

Material: Standard, no-surprises plastic

The hangers are made from standard plastic with the option of white or black. I chose white, which enhances the overall aesthetic of my closet. The plastic is lightweight and flexible. And, unlike wire hangers, they don’t bend out of shape.

Although the material isn’t heavy-duty, it seems like the hangers will hold up for several years.

I hang a lot of my clothes on a drying rack instead of throwing them in the dryer. The plastic is ideal for this purpose because it’s easy to get wet clothes on the hangers, and water doesn’t affect the material.

The smooth plastic is slightly slippery, which is no problem for most garments, but some of my clothes, like silkier fabrics, slipped off on one or both shoulders. On the other hand, the slick material makes it easy to get garments on and off the hangers, and it doesn’t catch on wool, knits, or other textured fabrics.

Performance: Sufficiently basic

The Standard Clothes Hangers appear to be in the middle of the road in quality, but this is what I anticipated. The lightweight plastic isn’t ideal for hanging heavy coats and pants. For example, a pair of my thick wool pants weighed down the hanger in the middle, and it looked like the plastic might eventually snap if I left it.

Hangorize Standard Tubular Clothes Hangers
 The Spruce / Theresa Holland

Although the material isn’t heavy-duty, it seems like the hangers will hold up for several years. Since hangers mostly sit in closets, they don’t usually undergo much wear and tear. The manufacturer says they’re suitable for moderate to heavy day-to-day use. I’m not sure what the difference between moderate and heavy use is—t’s possible this has to do with how often clothes are taken on and off the hangers. According to the manufacturer, the flexibility and reinforced plastic corners prevent breaking.

Price: Not bad for a set of 60

The Hangorize Standard Clothes Hangers come in sets of 20 or 60. The 60-pack retails around $30, which makes the hangers about $0.50 each. The 20-pack is priced between $10 and $15. Since they aren’t likely to need replacing for several years, these hangers are a great deal.

Competition: Oodles of options

Neaties American Made Plastic Hangers With Bar Hooks: The American Made Plastic Hangers from Neaties come in black or white in packs of 30, 45, or 60. Similar to the Hangorize set, they’re intended for everyday use. The material is also slim with a standard design and additional small hooks for thinner straps. These hangers retail between $15 to $30, depending on quantity.

Sharpty Plastic Hangers: Available in quantities of 20 or 60, the Sharpty Plastic Hangers come in the option of pink or white. These hangers are supposed to be ideal for lightweight clothes, but they’re not recommended for heavy outerwear. Although they’re made from plastic, it’s supposedly an eco-friendly material, likely recycled plastic.

ZOYER Premium Plastic Hangers: The Premium Plastic Hangers from ZOYER are available in black or white in packs of 20 or 50. They’re priced between $12 to $20, depending on quantity, making these hangers slightly cheaper than the Hangorize set. Unlike the Hangorize, Neaties, and Sharpty hangers, these feature notched shoulders for strapped clothes. The ZOYER hangers are made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic and have apparent heavy-duty construction that can withstand wear and tear.

Final Verdict

No hang-ups with these hangers.

The Hangorize Standard Clothes Hangers don’t snag, they have a slim profile, and they enhance the appearance of my closet. Overall, they’re a practical choice for basic hangers.


  • Product Name Standard Clothes Hanger
  • Product Brand Hangorize
  • Price $30.00
  • Weight 4.85 lbs.
  • Color White, black
  • Material Plastic
  • Quantity 60