Happy Heinys Cloth Diaper Review and Information

A picture of a baby in a Happy Heinys cloth diaper
The Happy Heinys Diaper with Aplix closures gives your baby a custom and comfortable fit, much like a disposable. Photo © Apryl Duncan

Happy Heinys offers a complete line of cloth diapers in a variety of colors and prints. After months of testing, the Happy Heinys One for ALL diaper came out on top when pitted against several other major cloth diapering brands. Learn more in this Happy Heinys Cloth Diaper Review and Information so you can make a wise choice for your baby.

Pros of Happy Heinys Diapers

  • Some of the cutest prints on the market today


  • Available as all-in-ones, pocket diapers and diaper covers


  • Durable diapers that stand up to the rigors of daily use, washing and drying


  • Easy to stuff the microterry insert into the pocket diaper


  • Fleece is thick and soft up against baby's bum

Cons of Happy Heinys Diapers

  • When only using one insert, it can shift inside the pocket as you try to diaper your baby. You have to hold it in place as you put the diaper on.


  • Microterry insert sometimes gets stuck inside the diaper, making it hard to shake the insert loose into the washing machine. Many times, you have to stick your hand inside the pocket to get the insert out.

Aplix Vs. Snaps

The one size diapers feature snaps you adjust according to your baby's size, whether you buy all snaps or the Aplix style of closure. These two rows of snaps tighten the diaper from top to bottom for when baby is a newborn. As your baby grows, you move to the next row of snaps to loosen the diaper and finally all snaps will be undone at the biggest size when your baby reaches potty training age.

Aplix or snap options let you decide which way you want to diaper your baby. My preference is snaps. However, I love the Aplix closure on Happy Heinys. I actually prefer Aplix over snaps on Happy Heinys. Out of all the cloth diaper brands I own, Happy Heinys is the only brand that would motivate me to buy more Aplix diapers.

The Aplix wraps around baby so snug. It's a custom fit that is secure. You don't have to worry about curious babies ripping at the velcro to remove the diaper.

One issue I've noticed with some of my other Aplix diapers, particularly the Blueberry Diapers brand, is that the velcro tabs begin to collect lint after washings. Not so with the Happy Heinys diapers. They are just as lint free as the day I pulled them out of the packaging.

The snaps are a secure option as well. No amount of toddler-tugging will cause them to unfasten.

You can't go wrong with either closure style. They are both well-constructed.

Happy Heinys Diaper Inserts

Each diaper comes with two microfiber inserts, a small and a large. Both are three-layers each.

The inserts are slim. Doubling up on them at bedtime will give you six layers of protection. Your baby will feel bulky but the inserts stay in place when used together.

One problem I've had with other brands of cloth diapers is that the thicker inserts are doubled over, which tends to cause them to slide around when baby moves around in his crib. This usually causes leaks.

Although the Happy Heinys inserts may not feel like a lot of protection because they're more slim than other brands, they stay where they are supposed to so they can catch the messes baby makes during the day or overnight.

If you're only using one insert, it will sometimes shift out of place as you try to diaper your baby. You'll have to hold your baby still on the changing pad while holding the insert in place inside the diaper and trying to diaper your baby all at the same time. This can be a challenge.

Happy Heinys One for ALL Pocket Diapers

I own many cloth diaper brands, including FuzziBunz, Blueberry Diapers, Best Bottom, Thirsties and Gro-Via.

Happy Heinys is a favorite. Not only are the solid and print cover options bright, cute and fun, the One for ALL diapers give my baby the most custom fit of all the cloth diapers I own.

The Aplix isn't just a couple of velcro tabs. The closure is long strips of velcro that wrap around your baby. This gives you that disposable diaper secure fit that's hard to find in a cloth diapering system.

The diapers hold leaks throughout the day and during naps. The fleece that lays up against your baby is soft enough to be a blanket, yet it wicks moisture away from baby's skin.

Many times I've had to put my hand inside the pocket of the diaper to see if it's wet. The fleece does such a good job of keeping baby dry that you can't tell if baby has wet the diaper.

Happy Heinys is not a bulky diaper either. Baby's bum won't look like a giant lollipop. Baby jeans will actually fit again. The only exception is when you double up on the inserts for naps or overnight.

The biggest problem you'll have with this diaper is that the styles are so cute, you won't want to put any pants on your baby. You'll just want to show off his diaper instead.

Tips for Buying Happy Heinys Diapers

  1. You can't buy Happy Heinys diapers directly from the manufacturer's website. Do check the website for a list of authorized retailers, though. Many only have online stores but offer free shipping, clearance items and special sales.


  2. Comparison shop between several sites. Sometimes Amazon.com has the best deal on a certain color. Sometimes one of the online-only retailers listed on the manufacturer's website has a better deal. The savings can be a few dollars or more.


  3. Buy one diaper to try before committing to a few of that style. If this diaper isn't for you, you won't have to deal with the hassle of returns.


  4. If you're unsure about snaps vs. Aplix closures, try one of each. You'll make up your mind fast about which one you prefer.

Disclaimer: A Happy Heinys One for ALL diaper was purchased for review from an online retailer. Total cost was $19.95.