Hardneck Garlic Varieties

A pile of purple hardneck garlic
Laura Berman/Design Pics/Getty Images

If you are looking for a great hardneck garlic variety to grow in your garden, consider one (or more) of the varieties listed below. Each has its own strength—some are exceptionally tasty, and others store well. Whatever you're looking for, one—or all—of these garlic varieties should meet your needs.

Garlic Varieties

Here are some garlic varieties to check out:

  • Carpathian: A very flavorful, rather spicy heirloom Polish variety of garlic.
  • Spanish Roja: Spicy, full-flavored heirloom garlic variety that produces huge bulbs.
  • German Extra-Hardy: Mild, excellent flavor. One of the best-storing hardneck varieties—will store well for up to ten months.
  • Georgian Crystal: Nice mild flavor, even raw; buttery flavor when cooked. Smallish bulbs (4 to 6 cloves per bulb) that store well.
  • Siberian: Mild flavor, does well in even the coldest climates. Heirloom variety.
  • Chesnok Red: Gourmet garlic. Several publications have declared 'Chesnok Red' the winner in taste tests for baking and roasting.

You can plant garlic in the spring, but most gardeners should plant it in the fall. Just plant it before the frost. When it is planted in the fall, most gardeners find that the bulbs are larger and more full of flavor. 

Garlic plants require nitrogen so make sure to fertilize them if you see leaves turning yellow. Water the garlic every three to five days from mid-May to June, when they are actively bulbing. Most types of garlic take about 90 days to harvest.

Garlic is fairly easy to grow, and it produces numerous bulbs throughout its long growing season. What's better: It is frost tolerant so that it can grow throughout the year.

Fun Facts About Garlic

  • China produces the most garlic of all countries.
  • Most people eat about 302 cloves of garlic each year.
  • Hold slivered garlic on acne and cold sores for relief.
  • Brides carried bouquets of garlic in ancient Greece—no flowers for them.
  • Using garlic in the garden can repel fleas, mosquitos, and mites.
  • There are 17 amino acids in garlic.
  • When you buy garlic, choose bulbs that are firm, heavy, and dry.
  • People once ate garlic whole thinking it could ward off the Black Death.
  • National Garlic Day is April 19th—how will you celebrate?
  • If a person has Alliumphobia, they have a fear of garlic. Yep, it's real.
  • Garlic is believed to treat everything from cancer to the flu. It is believed to prevent heart disease, lower blood cholesterol levels, and decrease plaque build up in the arteries.
  • Builders of the Great Pyramid ate garlic for strength.
  • There are more than 300 garlic varieties across the globe.