Harvest Party Games for Kids

Fall leaves with rake
Elenathewise / Getty Images

Gather pumpkins, husk some corn, then rake up a big pile of leaves. Sound like the daily tasks of a farmer? Maybe so, but they’re some of the fun harvest party games for kids. Find out how to play these and other games with an autumn theme at a harvest festival, fall activity or party.

Feed the Pumpkin

To play this game, draw a large pumpkin on a piece of poster board. Cut out a large mouth and then paint or color in the rest of the pumpkin. Prop the pumpkin poster board so that it stands at an angle in such a way that things can pass through the mouth, or attach your pumpkin picture to something like a homemade cornhole game board.

Give each player three ears of corn. Have them stand behind a line that is a few feet away from the mouth of the pumpkin, and try to feed the pumpkin by tossing the corn into the mouth. Score one point for each ear of corn that is “fed” to the pumpkin. The player with the most points after everyone has taken a turn is the winner.

Pumpkin Broom Race

This is a race that can be run as a one-against-one game or relay-style when you have several players to divide into teams. Either way, the goal of each racer is to roll a pumpkin from the starting line to the finish line. Sounds easy? Well, not when you have to push your pumpkin with a broom, guiding it to try and stay on course as it rolls off to one side or gets caught up on its stem. The first player or team to get their pumpkin across the finish line wins.

Treasure in a Haystack

This is a fun game that is easy for small kids to play. Fill a few receptacles, such as wheelbarrows, large tin buckets, baby pools, or large cardboard boxes, with hay. Bury a few treasures in each “haystack.” Coins, wrapped candy, and stickers are some ideas for the kind of treasures to bury. Give your party guests empty treat buckets or bags to fill and send them on a “treasure in a haystack” hunt.

Leaf Pile Race

To play this game, you will need plenty of autumn leaves. You can save the ones you rake from your yard in large bags until ready to play. Divide the players into two teams. Place two hula hoops on the ground in the yard. Pour out the leaves around the yard. Give each team a rake, and set a timer. Teams have until the time is up to rake up, carry, gather, and pile as many leaves as they can in their hula-hoop circles. When time is up, the team with the tallest pile of leaves wins.

Corn Husking Relay

To play this game, you’ll need at least one stalk of corn per player. Divide the corn into two equal piles. Divide the players into two teams.

When the race begins, each player must run to the corn pile, remove a stalk and husk it. Once a player has shucked an ear of corn, he must bring it back to his team and tag the next player in line. That player must race to husk the next ear of corn. The race continues like this until all of the corn is husked. The first team to have a complete pile of shucked corn wins.

Harvest Obstacle Course

Set up an outdoor obstacle course using hay bales, pumpkins, and scarecrows. For instance, you can arrange some hay bales into a maze that kids must run through, line up a few pumpkins they have to jump over, and stake a couple of scarecrows unto the ground that they must circle to complete the course. Time the kids as they race through the obstacle course. The player who finished the harvest obstacle course in the fastest time wins.

Candy Corn Spoon Race

Fill two baskets with candy corn or other small harvest-themed items, such as popcorn kernels or pumpkin seeds. Place the full baskets side-by-side on the ground. Divide players into two teams. Have each team line up behind the full baskets of candy corn. Place an empty basket on the ground at the end of each team’s line of players.

Give each player a spoon, and set a timer for five minutes. As soon as the timer starts, the first players in line must scoop out a spoonful of candy corn and then pass it from their spoons to the spoons of the next players in line. The candy corn must be transferred from spoon to spoon all the way down the line. The last players in line must dump their spoons into the empty basket. This continues until the timer rings. When time is up, count the number of candy corn in each basket. The team with the most candy wins.