Play The New Hasbro Battleship Game

A New Game with More Strategic Game Play

Battleship Game Movie Edition

Do you have memories of playing the Battleship game as a child? Battleship has been a classic family game for 50 years. Players arrange a variety of ships on a grid, strategically guess coordinates, mark guesses with pegs, all in the hopes to "sink" all their opponents ships for the win. The Hasbro Battleship Game, Movie Edition, includes 3 new game variations, with some inspiration from the Battleship movie.

This version of the game, recommended for ages 7 and up, includes Special Ops cards that significantly speed up the pace of the game and offer opportunities for power that quickly change the direction of the game. 

What's Included

- 2 Game Boards with trays that organize the pegs and ships 

- 5 Navy Ships include Carrier (5 holes), Battleship (4 holes), Japanese Destroyer (3 holes), American Destroyer (3 holes), RHIB (2 holes)

- 5 Alien Ships include Flagship (5 holes), Heavy Ordinance Craft (4 holes), Red Storm Stinger (3 holes), Blue Shredder Stinger (3 holes), Small Assault Ship (2 holes)

- 2 Decks of Special Ops Cards (red, green)

- Red Pegs

- White Pegs

- Rules

- Reference Card

- 2 player game

Concept of the Game

The Battleship movie edition game is loosely based on the classic version of Hasbro's family game. After arranging the 5 different ships on the bottom ocean grid, players call out letter-number coordinates, trying to use strategy to search and locate where their opponent's ships have been placed.

Players mark coordinates they have guessed incorrectly with a white peg on the top of the board, then mark correctly guessed coordinates using a red peg. If their opponent guesses the location of their ship, they mark the coordinate on their ship with a red peg. The first player that "sinks' their opponent's 5 ships is the winner.

As in the movie, this game allows players to decide who will be in the Navy or Alien fleet. Using the premise of the traditional classic game, players arrange their battleships and call out sequences. However, the new element of this game includes Special Ops cards that players chose prior to their turn. The Special Ops cards intensify the speed of the game.

Special Ops Cards Functions

The cards include actions such as:

- Fire 1 Shot: calling 1 coordinate

- Fire 2 Shots: calling 1 coordinate, then another

- Fire 3 Shots: calling 3 coordinates in succession

- Fire & Draw: call 1 coordinate then draw second card

- Reveal: opponent reveals 1 "unhit" coordinate

- Row Blitz: If your Battleship or Heavy Ordinance Craft is afloat, pick a letter row and call out every coordinate, marking hits/misses

- Column Blitz: If Carrier or Flagship boat is afloat, pick a number column and call out every coordinate, marking hits/misses

- Row Scan: pick a letter row, your opponent reveals how many coordinates in that row are occupied by ships

- Salvo: place this card face up next to grid, every time a Fire 1 shot card is drawn, fire as many shots as you have ships afloat, but this power is lost and the card is discarded when one of your ships is destroyed

- Com Tower: place this card face up next to your grid, then draw another card. Once all 4 Com Tower cards are collected, this allows players to earn a special power that allows them to instantly sink any boat they hit

If the new rules are overwhelming, the game can still be played the traditional way. It is worth pending the time to figure out how to operate the special ops cards, it makes the game play more interesting. The cards speed up the time it takes to finish the game, and offer different advantages at different times. There are many twists and turns that change the outcome of the game, too. 

In terms of toy storage, the 2 game boards interconnect to keep all the pieces together. There is also a carrying handle, making it a great game for travel.  Each game has a pull-out tray for peg storage.

The pegs for this game were designed with a small ridge on the end, which allow them to be inserted and removed much easier. Hasbro has scored a "Hit!" with an improved version of Battleship.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.