I Splurged On This Trendy Alarm Clock, and It Made My Morning Routine a Breeze

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Hatch Restore review.

Photo: Hatch / Image Treatment: The Spruce

My sleep routine can be an unpredictable beast. Some nights, I am out like a light after a long work day, and other nights, I find myself restless for hours on end. And, when that dreaded iPhone alarm chimes in the morning, it interrupts the sleep I was finally getting. It's an endless cycle.

I wanted to get my sleep cycle in order and make mornings a bit easier, and my Instagram ads must have somehow known this. Suddenly, I was being flooded with ads for the Hatch Restore, an all-in-one alarm clock, sunrise lamp, and sound machine that promised more restful nights and productive mornings—sign me up. I ordered one, and with a few months of use under my belt, I am ready to share why I love this gadget.

The Restore promises to "give you the sleep you've been dreaming about" with settings for nighttime wind-down guidance and personalized wake-up routines. With a whole host of customizable features, you'll be well-rested in no time, or so I hoped when I purchased it.

I'm happy to report that since using this, I am no longer afraid of bedtime. I am no longer scrolling for hours until I get sleepy or struggle to wake up in the morning. I am ready to take on the world come morning, calm and rested—and I do feel the Hatch is to thank.

I am ready to take on the world come morning, calm and rested—and I do feel the Hatch is to thank.

The clock is such a cute piece of decor on my nightstand. My old alarm clock dated back to the '90s, crusty and bleating, which is why I stopped using that and switched to good old iPhone alarms. The Restore adds a bit of calming personality to my nightstand, as the nightlight can be programmed to whatever color I desire and to stay on throughout the day or night. As someone who is still afraid of the dark, this is a feature I love.

Hatch Restore sunrise lamp.

Courtesy of Mia Ingui

My primary reason for loving this gadget is the sunrise lamp alarm, which acts less as an alarm and more as a gentle, rise-and-shine, call to start the day. On the Hatch app, you can program the lamp to begin its wake-up light as early as 30 minutes before your scheduled wake-up time. The light will gradually grow brighter, and to your sleeping eyes, this is a natural sign to begin waking up, rather than being jarred with a forceful alarm. At the scheduled wake-up time, you can choose from a series of calming noises to be your sound—my favorite is the "Morning Bird" chime.

On my early mornings, when I struggle to wake up in the dark of the morning to commute, the Hatch has now eased the pain. The gradual sunrise lamp immediately wakes me up at least 10 minutes before I'm supposed to be awake, leaving me some time to emerge from sleep and get out of bed. And if the lamp doesn't wake me up, the calming sound of birds chirping does.

My sleep routine turned out to be in need of more help than I thought, and I love how the Hatch has helped. As a home editor, I always boast about my soft sheets or silk pillowcase, and the Hatch Restore has now joined the ranks of essential items for my sleep space.