9 Designer Headboards to Transform Your Bedroom Décor

With so much attention paid to bedroom decor, it can be easy to feel like you've covered all the bases. If you already have a great color palettebeautiful bedding, the right accessories, and even chosen the perfect bedside lamp, you may find yourself wondering what you can do to elevate your bedroom to the next level. The answer is so simple, you may wonder why you didn't start your bedroom planning there.

Like the table in dining rooms or the vanity in a bathroom, the bed is the defining feature of a bedroom. And while most of the work in terms of color palettes and patterns is done by the bedding, the headboard is where you have an opportunity to truly elevate the look and feel of the most relaxing space in your home. To help illustrate this point, here are some of the top designs from three of the best in the business.  

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    DwellStudio Monroe Headboard

    Tree and bird pattern headboard
    Dwell Studio

    The Monroe Headboard from DwellStudio is a beautiful example of how the right headboard can set the tone in a bedroom. With its intriguing shape and whimsical branch-and-peacock pattern, it's the perfect element to give your bedroom a far-off, fantasy feel. 

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    DwellStudio Buchanan Headboard

    Leaf pattern headboard
    Dwell Studio

    Patterned headboards are even more amazing when paired with bedding that complements the design and color. Here, DwellStudio's Buchanan Headboard in light gray and white has been paired with sheets and pillowcases sporting a small, tight geometric pattern that echoes rather than matches the headboard. Together they combine to create a room with a serene and airy feel—the ideal place to sleep in or catch up on a good book.

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    DwellStudio Bellevue Headboard

    Quilted velvet headboard
    Dwell Studio

    Decorated headboards are great, but if you prefer to let your bedding do the talking as far as the pattern is concerned, your headboard can still lend a strong color statement to the room while bringing in a new level of style. Tufted headboards like DwellStudio's Bellevue are the ultimate in comfort while providing a great backdrop for colorful bedding.

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    Anthropologie Leather-Tufted Wingback

    Quilted leather headboard

    Anthropologie picks up the tufted headboard in their own collection and raises the stakes by offering it in an amazing butterscotch-colored leather. Not only does the material instantly elevate the style of any bedroom, but the color adds a huge shot of warmth, especially when used in a room dominated by cooler tones. Here, this leather-tufted wingback bed is the perfect middle ground between the cool blue wall and the warm wooden floor.  

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    Anthropologie Sura Bed

    Geometric print headboard

    Even before anything else is added to a space, a well-designed headboard can be the start of something truly fantastic. The Sura Bed from Anthropologie is one of those pieces that simply teems with opportunity. From its straight, modern lines to its classic black-and-white color scheme, to its cool geometric patterns, the choices for the rest of the room are nearly endless.

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    Anthropologie Hand-Embossed Bed

    Embossed headboard

    More than simply taking your bedroom's style up a notch, your headboard can be your ticket to distant locations around the world. This hand-embossed bed from Anthropologie evokes the feeling of far-off places and ancient civilizations. The beautiful, warm metallic shade of the bed is enhanced by the hundreds of symbols and patterns that adorn it, making it the right place to start if you want a bedroom with a glamorous look.  

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    Christopher Guy Carree Headboard

    Carree padded headboard

    The undisputed king of big statement pieces, Christopher Guy is the designer to see if you want a headboard that will turn your bedroom into the highlight of your home. The Carree headboard is emblematic of the designer's remarkable style. It is stunning, ultra-modern, and really big. In short, it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you see it.  

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    Christopher Guy Fortuny Headboard

    Regal, quilted headboard

    Have you ever had a chair so comfy that you wished it was big enough to sleep in? The Fortuny headboard from Christopher Guy might just be everything you've been dreaming of. The sleek curves complementing the tufted backing are reminiscent of the best of classic design. And even in a mostly white color story, the style of this bed makes a statement all on its own.

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    Christopher Guy Cosmopolitan Headboard

    Sunburst headboard in white
    Oliver Burns

    If you're a fan of "Game of Thrones," this incredible headboard from Christopher Guy might be the closest you'll ever get to sleeping in the Iron Throne. Aptly named Cosmopolitan, this piece combines a headboard and wall art to create a single room-making statement piece. And if the icy-white crystal look is a little too cold for you, turn it into a sunburst by opting for the same design in a warm brass shade.