Heart Shaped Cake

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    Gather Your Ingredients

    Heart Cake Step 1
    Heart Cake Step 1. Linda Larsen
    This is a five ingredient recipe, so all you need are cake mix, a packet of Dream Whip, 4 eggs, a cup of water, and two cans of prepared frosting. I chose white frosting and chocolate frosting for a two-toned cake. The printable recipe is Heart Cake.
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    Start Beating!

    Heart Cake Step 2
    Heart Cake Step 2. Linda Larsen
    Using an electric mixer is the easiest way to get a fluffy, velvety cake. Mix until the dry ingredients combine with the wet, so the batter looks like the picture. Don't start timing the beating time until the dry ingredients disappear.
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    Beat for Four Minutes

    Heart Cake Step 3
    Heart Cake Step 3. Linda Larsen
    Use a timer to make sure that you beat the cake for the full 4 minutes. You'll notice that the batter expands in volume and becomes a lighter color. The beating time must be followed because the gluten in the flour is forming and air is being added to the batter for a light and fluffy cake.
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    Bake the Cake

    Heart Cake Step 4
    Heart Cake Step 4. Linda Larsen

    Spray a 9" round and a 9" square cake pan with nonstick cooking spray containing flour. Evenly divide the batter between the two pans. Place in oven, leaving at least an inch between the pans to allow for air circulation. This is what the cakes will look like with about 10 minutes of baking time left.

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    The Cakes are Done

    Heart Cake Step 5
    Heart Cake Step 5. Linda Larsen
    When the cakes look like the picture, they are done. Notice how the cakes pull away from the sides of the pan, and that they are an even golden brown color. Let the cakes cool in the pans for 5 minutes, then remove and let cool on wire racks until completely cool.
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    Assemble the Serving Platter and Start the Heart

    Heart Cake Step 6
    Heart Cake Step 6. Linda Larsen
    Most people don't have a cake stand large enough for this cake, so I like to cover a cookie sheet with foil and assemble the cake on that. Place the square cake, point facing down, on the prepared sheet.
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    Assemble the Heart

    Heart Cake Step 7
    Heart Cake Step 7. Linda Larsen
    Then cut the round cake exactly in half and place the two halves adjacent to each other at the top of the square cake.

    If the cakes are a bit different in size, as they are in the pictures, just overlap the edges a bit. It won't matter when the cakes are spread with frosting. You can fasten the cake pieces together with a bit of frosting, but that isn't necessary.

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    Frost the Center

    Heart Cake Step 8
    Heart Cake Step 8. Linda Larsen

    Use the can of white frosting to frost the center of the cake, leaving about a 2" border all the way around. Follow the shape of the heart as you spread the frosting.

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    Frost the Edges

    Heart Cake Step 9
    Heart Cake Step 9. Linda Larsen

    Frost the top edge and sides of the cake with the chocolate frosting. If you'd like, you could combine the two cans of frosting in a medium bowl and mix just to marble for a different look. Or use all chocolate or all white frosting.

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    Decorate the Cake

    Heart Cake Step 10
    Heart Cake Step 10. Linda Larsen
    I used chocolate chips, placed upside-down, in a heart pattern in the center of the cake, to decorate it. You could use red-hot candies, or heart-shaped candies, or decorator frosting if you'd like. Now stand back, admire your cake, take a picture, and serve it!