Heart-Shaped Candies for Valentine's Day

Have a heart and make one of these candies for your nearest and dearest this Valentine's Day! These edible symbols of love are elegant, delicious, and make the perfect gift for any romantic occasion.

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    Raspberry Heart Chews

    Raspberry Heart Chews
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    Raspberry Heart Chews are tangy, chewy heart-shaped candies with a vibrant raspberry flavor. If you love Starburst and other fruit chews, you'll love these candies! This recipe requires silicone heart-shaped molds, which can be found in gourmet kitchen shops or many online stores. Silicone ice cube trays, which are cheaper and often more readily available, will also work for molding the candies.

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    Caramel Hearts
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    Caramel Hearts are luscious heart-shaped caramels dipped in chocolate. These make a wonderful alternative to truffles as a Valentine's Day gift. You can use store-bought caramels for this recipe, or make a batch of homemade caramels using any of these caramel recipes.

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    Chocolate Hearts Valentine's Day Candy
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    Chocolate Nutella Hearts are soft and creamy chocolate-hazelnut candies, covered in chocolate and gorgeous pink swirls. If you can’t find Nutella, you can substitute peanut butter or any other nut butter in this recipe with great results.

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    Cinnamon Heart Pops photo
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    Sweet and spicy, these Cinnamon Heart Pops will quickly find a place in your heart. Leave them plain, or whip up some royal icing and pipe on some decorations, words, or phrases to complete your sweet lollipops.

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    heart of gold truffles
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    Show your love with Heart of Gold Truffles. These dazzling molded chocolate truffles are filled with a rich chocolate truffle cream, and sparkle with a shiny gold coating made from luster dust. This dust comes in a little jar and can be brushed on the finished chocolates for an easy, polished look.

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    Red Hot Love Truffles

    Red Hot Love Truffles photo
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    These slightly spicy, heart-shaped truffles are perfect for Valentine's day or anytime you want to spice up your life! Semi-sweet chocolate ganache is infused with crushed red peppers, to add a little heat to the rich chocolate. I like to finish these truffles with a little chipotle chili powder, to add a touch of smokiness, but you can substitute regular chili powder, cayenne, or omit the sprinkling entirely.

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    Fudge Hearts
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    Fudge Hearts are beautiful, dainty hearts made of fudge and dipped in a smooth layer of fondant. I like to decorate mine with sprinkles, but you can also use writing icing to add personalized messages. One reviewer writes, "I loved making them! A great way to have fun all by yourself and I can see making these for all kinds of holidays with my granddaughter. Delicious and fun, fun, fun!"

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    Conversation Hearts
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    Did you know you can make your own conversation heart candies? It's true! Learn how easy it is to make custom-made conversation hearts, personalized in all of your favorite colors and flavors. Use food-safe markers to add heartfelt messages, write names, or draw pictures on your hearts.

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    Chocolate Heart Pops
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    Marbled Chocolate Heart Pops feature beautiful swirls of white and dark chocolate, molded into heart-shaped lollipops. Mix together your favorite types of chocolate, and if you need even more flavor, add a few drops of flavoring oil to the chocolates.

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    Fondant Sweet Hearts
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    These adorable heart-shaped cream candies are dipped in bittersweet chocolate and decorated with fondant cut-outs. Use either purchased or homemade fondant for this recipe. You can modify these hearts by adding different flavors, colors, or making them in different Valentines themed shapes.

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