Heddy Hunt

Heddy is a Video Producer at Dotdash and the Producer of the "One Thing" video series for The Spruce brands. From preproduction to directing to editing, Heddy is completely hands-on in all aspects of the series. During her time at Dotdash she has made more than 350 videos.


  • Over 54 million views on Facebook of her video "How to Regrow Lettuce from Scraps," which won a 2017 Bronze Telly Award
  • She studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic, learning 35mm filmmaking 
  • Heddy likes toasted bread so much that she named her cat Toast


Before joining Dotdash in 2015, Heddy worked on numerous reality TV shows in the New York City area. Collaborating on shows like Mob Wives, 3AM, America's Got Talent, and Brew Dogs, she's seen many unique sides of New York and "reality" television.


Heddy received a Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Film and Television with a Minor in Documentary from New York University. 

5 Questions with Heddy

What food or drink are you?

A really sour beer, the kind that takes a while for you to drink. 

What food trend would you like to forget?

Avocado roses. I had to make one for a video and it took hours to get it right.

What's the first legit recipe you cooked?

My mom's cheese biscuits. (They are much better than Red Lobster's.)


Madeline Kahn and Mel Brooks

What else are you proud of? 

September 2019 marked my 10th year as a New Yorker!


Education: New York University
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Title: Video Producer

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