Hello American Girl Melody Ellison!

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    Meet American Girl Melody Ellison

    Melody Ellison African American American Girl Doll
    American Girl

    The American Girl doll, Melody Ellison, is part of the American Girl Beforever Historical Collection. The dolls are available for purchase through American Girl stores and catalogs, or at AmericanGirl.com. American Girl dolls in this collection always arrive with a detailed chapter book. Melody's unique story is featured in the book entitled, No Ordinary Sound. Other toys and books that feature Melody and her interests are available, too. 

    Melody Ellison is an African American 9-year-old, who...MORE lives in Detroit during the civil rights movement of the 1960's. Melody shares her talents through singing. This helps her cope with the challenges of living during a very difficult time in history with the unfairness of racial discrimination and inequality. After learning about her story and hearing her sing, Lift Every Voice and Sing, Melody definitely inspires girls to use their voices to make a difference in the modern day world.

    The doll stands 18-inches tall. Children who like doll play will enjoy styling Melody's hair, dressing her in beautiful outfits. In the box, Melody arrives wearing a bright blue-and-green houndstooth dress, a blue ribbon headband, and shiny blue patent shoes.

    Kids always love bringing Melody on everyday adventures, too. 


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    American Girl Melody Ellison Promotes Literacy and A Sense of Community

    Melody Ellison's American Girl chapter book
    American Girl

    Every American Girl doll arrives with a chapter book. Melody's book is entitled, No Ordinary Sound. The books are recommended for readers ages 8 and up.

    Melody Ellison's story is told by author, Denise Lewis Patrick. Readers will enjoy learning about Melody's life during the civil rights movement, as she is inspired by the words of her older sister, and the wise teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  

    Melody herself is the target of racial discrimination. The stories inspire girls to...MORE be courageous and make changes in their communities.  Girls will enjoy relating to her daily interests of Motown music, gardening, and singing in the church choir.

    There are online games, discussion guides and different activities children can participate in the American Girl website. Those on social media are encouraged to use the hashtag #LiftYourVoice while sharing inspiring pictures and videos.

    In celebration of Melody American Girl retail stores nationwide will host events featuring arts and crafts and doll t-shirt giveaways.

    For families who live in Detroit, America Girl has donated over $175,000 worth of books and dolls to public libraries.


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    Melody Ellison Chapter Books And Store Events

    Melody Ellison American Girl Doll in pajamas
    American Girl

    In addition to books, there are toys, accessories and outfits for young girls to wear in order to match or coordinate their style alone with their doll.

    Many young girls not only like to dress up their dolls, but they enjoy dressing in similar clothing. There are many matching doll-girl party dresses, hoodies, pajamas, swimsuits and nightgowns.

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    American Girl Melody Ellison's Recording Studio

    American Girl Melody Ellison's recording studio
    American Girl

    American Girl Melody Ellison not only loves to sing in the church choir, but she also likes to sing along with friends and family members to Motown music, too.

    Children who love to role play with their dolls, will love to dress Melody up for the occasion then sing along with her in the Motown-inspired recording studio. The studio is able to play and record music.

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    American Girl Melody Ellison's Block Party Set

    Melody Ellison's Block Party Toy Set
    American Girl

    Join in on the party fun, as kids help American Girl Melody Ellison plan and participate in a summer block party! The table and chair set includes a bingo game, plus an outfit and other items reminiscent of the African American family lifestyle in 1963. Pair it up with the the recording studio for even more community fun. 

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    American Girl Melody Ellison's Bedroom Set

    Melody Ellison's Bedroom Set
    American Girl

    American Girl Melody Ellison lives in Detroit in 1963. As part of their nightly routine in their own bedroom, girls can dress Melody in her pajamas, then lay her down to sleep in her own 1963 inspired bedroom set.  

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    American Girl Advisory Panel for Melody Ellison

    In order ensure that the historical and cultural aspects of the African American lifestyle, as well as the doll's clothing, skin color, hair color and features were accurate, American Girl appointed an advisory board when developing the doll, toys and books. 

    Esteemed members, thought leaders and experts on African American culture and the civil right rights movements who were invited to be part of the American Girl Advisory board for Melody Ellison included:  

    • The late Horace Julian Bond
    • Gloria...MORE House 
    • Juanita Moore
    • Rebecca de Schweinitz
    • Thomas J. Sugrue
    • JoAnn Watson