Hello Kitty Toys

Someone is preparing for a 40th birthday and in true celebratory fashion, a big trend in the toy industry has been dedicated to shining a spotlight on our dear friend Hello Kitty. Kitty White, which is her real name, originated in Japan but was born in England. This sweet character, who is actually not even considered a cat, loves to bake and collect items. She's an international celebrity, well loved by little girls and in honor of Hello Kitty's 40th, here are some of the newest Hello...MORE Kitty toys for girls.



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    Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Build-A-Bear

    The Build-A-Bear Workshop interactive bear experience is beloved by children of all ages. When children enter the retail store, they can choose a toy to personalize, as well as stuff it, comb it, name it and dress it to create their own special friend. Aside from a variety of Hello Kitty options, the picture featured includes the special 40th Anniversary Hello Kitty doll and dress.

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    Hello Kitty Tea Set

    Hello Kitty Tea
    Keri Wilmot

    Little girls love tea parties and pretend play with friends and baby dolls.  The Hello Kitty themed set includes a tea pot, sugar bowl, 4 spoons, cups and saucers and all items store inside the large tea pot.

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    Dancing Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty Dance Time
    Blip Toys
    Dancing and musical toys are quite popular with kids, but this toy is unique given that it includes suction cups and clings to flat surfaces. Kitty can bounce and dance while clinging to windows. The toy is also motion sensored and sound activated so kids can twirl and dance around with Kitty as she bounces to the child's favorite pop tunes.


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    Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe

    Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe
    Cartwheel Kids

    For kids like Kitty who love to bake, the 3 1/2 foot Hello Kitty Kitchen Cafe is the perfect pretend play set. The colorful bright pink set has a refrigerator that dispenses pretend ice cubes, a stove that sizzles and accessories that include serving trays, cookware and even a Hello Kitty smartphone.

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    Hello Kitty Shopping Cart
    Cartwheel Kids
    Tiny shoppers can push along their dolls and pick up their essentials in the Hello Kitty shopping cart. The cart even arrives with a snap-on cup holder for a pretend cup of coffee.


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    Hello Kitty MegaBloks Playsets

    Hello Kitty Mega Bloks Water Park

    For girls who enjoy construction toy play, there is an entire Hello Kitty world that includes cruise ships, schools, campers, luxury boats, tree houses, amusement parks and fair grounds that can be constructed from Mega Bloks.

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    Hello Kitty Fashems

    Hello Kitty Fashems
    Tech 4 Kids

    Impulse buys and novelties are great for stocking stuffers and birthday party gifts. Hello Kitty Fashems are small, squeezy fidget toys that kids will love to squish in their fingertips. Fashems also include miniature accessories to add to Hello Kitty such as a hat and dress.

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    Hello Kitty Crayola Color Wonder


    If you have children, you most likely don't need an introduction to Crayola's mess-free coloring books. Not only is Color Wonder a perfect toy for airline travel, but there's no need to worry if you turn your head while your child is coloring, because these special markers will only write on special Crayola Color Wonder paper. 

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    Hellow Kitty Magic Tricks

    Hello Kitty Magic Tricks Magic Robot
    HK Magic

    Who says magic tricks are just for boys? These Hello Kitty themed magic tricks will have girls carefully deceiving their friends with fun card tricks.

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    Hello Kitty InnoTab Software

    For kids who love technology, Hello Kitty is also featured in games on the WiiU video game console, as well as in educational content that can be downloaded onto learning tablets like the LeapFrog LeapPad and VTech InnoTab.