Help Me Organize My Bedroom

Help Me Organize My Bedroom: Part of the Bedroom Organization Series

Help me organize my bedroom.
Help me organize my bedroom. Getty

I get a lot of questions about how to organize a bedroom -- and if I'm being honest, most of them are specifically about how to organize a small bedroom. So, I decided to take all of the most frequently asked bedroom organization questions and create one neat guide (uh, this one, that you are reading right now) to answer all of your questions.

Here are all of the best tips and secrets to organizing a bedroom and then keep it clutter-free and organized.


1. Do you have any bedroom organization tips?  

I have lots of bedroom organization tips, the most important is to keep this space as clutter-free as possible, and that includes furniture. Don't overcrowd your bedroom with extra furniture. 

2. What about bedroom organization ideas?  

Here are 6 ideas that will work in any bedroom. My number one idea for you is to think of your bedroom in zones:

  • When it is time to organize the bedroom, break the room down into smaller spaces and organize each one.

  • Go through each space individually and organize it: the bedside night table, the dresser going drawer-by-drawer, under the bed, etc.

  • Always start with storage spaces first, so in the case of the bedroom organize the closet, then, under the bed, dresser drawers, top of the dressers, night tables, and finally, any other spaces in the room like bookcases.

Here is my list of Bedroom Organization Projects in increments of 10 minutes, 30 minutes, and then projects that can take more than an hour (aka "weekend projects").

Go through each space one-by-one: Bedroom Organization Projects.

3. How about small bedroom organization?  

If you have a small bedroom, you're going to want to really use that space under your bed smartly. Also, see my tips for dorm room organizing because a small bedroom and a dorm room have a lot in common when it comes to planning a space.

4. What are the best bedroom organization products? Any product that doubles as storage is a good?  

I like to use long plastic storage bins and slide them under the bed. A good option is this one: Gift Wrap Box which can be used for, well, gift wrap, or anything else it makes sense to store under your bed.

5. What are the best places to buy bedroom organization and storage products?  

Stacks and Stacks, Ikea, Bed Bath and Beyond, Container Store, Lowes, Pier One, and are all good options. I also like the online stores Home Decorators and

6. What about bedroom storage?  

There are two places for bedroom storage: the nightstand, and under the bed storage. Use these wisely. I don't recommend using the bedroom as a general household storage area (meaning, don't store stuff you use in the kitchen in the bedroom).

I strongly recommend using under bed storage and I have a guide on How to Store Things Under Your Bed and what to store under your bed.

If you must use your nightstand for storage, I offer some tips in How to Organize a Nightstand.

7. Any tips for bedroom decor?  

As always, try to keep decor on the walls, and surfaces clear. I know I repeat this tip all the time, but having clear surfaces to fold clothes, rest jewelry and books occasionally will life in the bedroom easier.

Plus, clear surfaces just look more serene.

Make a big decorative statement with your bedding and drapes, hang artwork on the wall, and keep everything else as simple as possible.

8. What types of bedroom furniture offer the best storage? 

A nightstand or night table with drawers, a bureau or dresser that really holds all of your clothing so it doesn't end up all over the place. If you have a small bedroom, think vertically. You can read more tips for small bedrooms in How to Maximize Storage Space.

9. What's the best bedroom layout?  

Generally, your bed centered on a wall with room for nightstands.

10. How about bedroom design tips?  

Bottom line: Keep it peaceful, clutter free and don't over crowd. Use the Weekly Organizing Routine to declutter it regularly.