Herb Garden Tips for Feng Shui Kitchens

Create excellent feng shui in your kitchen with an aromatic herb garden

good feng shui in the kitchen

Rodika Tchi

Good feng shui energy is all around you, it comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Basically, you can test the quality of any given energy by the way it feels. You know the feng shui energy is good when you test it with the basic question: does it feel good?

A room does not necessarily have to look perfect in order to have good feng shui energy. No amount of wind chimes, fountains or lucky bamboo plants will bring good energy if the overall good feel of the room is missing.

Now let's focus on your kitchen, as this is an ultra-important space for your home, as well as for your own well-being, of course! A house with a happy kitchen is a happy house indeed! The kitchen was always considered the heart of the home in all ancient cultures, and feng shui, being an ancient art, is no exception to this rule!
Good feng shui in the kitchen is as important as good feng shui in your bedroom, and for the same obvious reasons - your body is deeply connected to the energy of your kitchen. 

There are many ways you can improve the quality of feng shui vibes in your kitchen. It starts with the basics of a clean kitchen with a good flow of air and lots of natural light. Then you can go deeper and find out which bagua area your kitchen is located in so that you can strengthen its feng shui.

One of my most favorite ways to create great energy in my kitchen is with aromatic herbs.

Creating your own little herb gardens can be a really enjoyable process with numerous benefits. I enjoy cooking, so the smell of fresh herbs in the kitchen is heaven for me (great feng shui!)
I love the energy that fresh herbs bring into the kitchen. Basil, rosemary, thyme, mint, and lavender are my all-time favorites, but I also try to include something new every year.
The vibrant, alive energy of herbs connects you to what matters most - the simple, the good things in life. It's a reminder of the nourishing power of the earth in all its beauty.
Feng shui-wise, the best bagua areas for the wood element of the herbs are East, Southeast, and South, but the very first criteria would be the energy flow in your kitchen, including the natural light.

If you love your fresh herbs, I know you will find the best feng shui spot for the little herb garden in your kitchen. Be mindful of the containers you use - the best containers are made of earthenware and bring the earth feng shui element; try to avoid metal or plastic containers.
Good luck in creating an aromatic herb garden in your very own kitchen!