Herb Meanings in Love and Romance

Romantic Meaning Of Herbs

Say "I love you" with herbs and infuse some romance in that special moment with a loved one. Use their scent and flavor to tell your story of love this Valentine's Day. Combine any of the following herbs to create your own message of love and devotion. 

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    Organically grown sweet basil
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    Basil, with its spicy scent, has a meaning in the language of love. It's very meaning is LOVE. Who wouldn't connect the spicy, sweet scent with spicy, sweet love?

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    Calendula. © Orgazmika

    According to the language of herbs, Calendula means JOY. What a lovely thing to say to your beloved. Add calendula to your teas of course, but how about a romantic bath by candlelight? For your youngest Valentines, a sweet Calendula soap is a gentle and loving gesture.

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    Thyme. © Daxiangstef

    According to the language of herbs, Thyme brings with it the meaning of AFFECTION. Perfect for young love or deep friendship. What better way to express your devotion to someone, than to include a sprig of thyme in their Valentine?

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    Patchouli. © A.Jeanroy

    The heady scent of Patchouli is not surprisingly included in a list of romance herbs. According to the Language of Herbs, Patchouli means PASSION. To use patchouli to it's fullest extent, tuck some dried into small sleep pillows or sachets. The rich, lusty scent, will entice your love to feel romantic.

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    Yarrow. © Cliff1066

    In the Language of Herbs, Yarrow means EVERLASTING LOVE. What better way to show how you feel, then to include Yarrow in your herbal Valentine's Day blend?

    Yarrow has a naturally spicy flavor, so use a light hand, and include it in your teas or baths.

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    Lavender. © Limbo Poet

    In the Language of Love, Lavender means DEVOTION and UNDYING LOVE. It is no surprise that lavender has always been considered the herb of love. It's delicious and romantic scent is loved by most of us.

    Use lavender in a romantic bath by candlelight, make a sachet and place it in the dryer with your bed sheets, to infuse them with ​a wonderful scent. Enjoy!

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    Oregano. © Daxiang Stef

    Oregano, with its luscious green leaves, grows with such fertile energy, it is no surprise that it is included in a list of Love Language herbs. Oregano signifies JOY and HAPPINESS. Include this spicy scented herb in any tea mix or recipe where you want to send this love message to your beloved.

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    Fennel. © A.Jeanroy

    Fennel is so perfect for a list of Love Herbs. Thinking about its very growth habit: Soft, feathery, delicate...it is not difficult to see that this sweet, heady scented herb has a love meaning. Fennel means FLATTERY. Include its tall, shimmery fronds, in a bouquet of herbs and flowers to present to your loved one. Add fennel to your Valentine's Day meal, sprinkle it on your salad or dessert dishes. Fennel will offer up all the romance without saying a word. Enjoy!

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Herbs have a language all their own. Here is a list of some common herbs and their romantic meanings.