Herbs make a useful and aromatic addition to any garden and are also a great option for windowsills, kitchen gardens, or other small spaces.
Krishna Tulsi or Holy basil plant in bloom.
How to Grow and Care Holy Basil
Closeup of pineapple mint.
11 Types of Mint Plants for Your Garden
Glossy green rounded leaves with tiny pink five petalled flowers
How to Grow and Care for Corsican Mint
Lavender bloom of Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea)
How to Grow Society Garlic
Lemon Verbena Plants in the Garden
Lemon Verbena Plants: A Floral Lemon Scent and Flavor
St John's Wort
Learn More About the Easy-to-Grow St. John's Wort
rue flowers
Rue Flowers Bring Centuries of Tradition to the Herb Garden
catnip plant
How to Grow Your Own Catnip
overcrowded herb garden
Common Herb Garden Mistakes
fresh and dried eucalyptus in a vase
Learn How to Grow and Use Eucalyptus in Your Home
garden herbs
5 Easy-to-Grow Perennial Garden Herbs for Your Garden
herbs growing on a sunny windowsill
How to Grow a Windowsill Herb Garden
closeup of rosemary
How to Grow Rosemary Indoors and Out
freezing fresh herbs
How to Freeze Fresh Herbs
an assortment of dried herbs
The Best Method for Drying and Storing Fresh Herbs
oregano growing in containers
How to Grow and Care for Oregano
Ornamental herb with dark pink flowers next to gloves, pruning sheers and outside scissors
How to Prune Woody Herbs
fresh garlic
How to Grow Garlic in Containers
basil growing in various containers
Learn 5 Tips for How to Grow Beautiful Basil in Pots
chocolate mint plant
How to Grow Chocolate Mint
Tips for Growing Cilantro
herbs in containers
Easy Tips for Growing Herbs in Containers
A handful of dandelion flowers
Use These Tips to Grow and Harvest Dandelion Greens
catmint as edging in a landscape
What's the Difference Between Catmint and Catnip
Annual and biannual flowers with yellow, orange, blue and white petals in garden
What Is an "Herbaceous" Plant?
English lavender
How to Grow "True" English Lavender
potted thyme
Tips for Growing Thyme Indoors
closeup of rosemary
Growing Rosemary Plants Indoors
cilantro on a kitchen countertop
How to Grow Cilantro Inside or Outside
New growth on a Sage plant being hand-pinched
What to Do if Your Herbs Have Mold and Mildew
Herbs That Correspond With Your Personal Horoscope
rosemary in a container by a windowsill
Transplanting Rosemary for the Winter
flowering herbs
Learn the Best Herbs to Plant for Your Shade Garden
anise hyssop
Some Herbs Make Poor Neighbors
Lemon balm tea
What Lemon-Scented Herbs Can You Add to Your Garden?
tomato plants
Learn 10 Herbs That Help Tomato Plants Thrive
Say "I Love You" With These 8 Romantic Herbs
watering in of salvia officinalis or sage
Are You Overwatering Your Herb Garden?
closeup of cilantro
Cilantro or Coriander...What's the Difference?
Where to Buy Fresh Herbs Online
Horseradish plant
How to Grow Your Own Horseradish
Catmint plant with small lavender-blue flowers on thin spikes above billowing foliage
Catmint: An Easy-Care Flowering Plant
Thyme herb plant closeup of leaves
How to Grow Thyme
mint leaves
How to Grow Your Own Mint
Borage flowers
How to Grow Borage for Beautiful Flowers and a Cucumber Flavor
basil plant by a window
Tips for Growing Your Own Basil Plants
herb garden
Planning an Herb Garden Full of Flavor
Salad Burnet, an Herb with Cucumber Flavor
Growing the Cucumber-Flavored Burnet
items for planting new garlic indoors
Learn How to Grow Garlic Indoors
basil and mint growing in pots
5 Tried-and-True Herbs to Grow in Pots
cosmos are a good companion plant for cilantro
Best and Worst Companion Plants for Cilantro
How to Grow Tarragon (Estragon)
Valerian plant with small white flower clusters on thin flower stalks
How to Grow and Care for Valerian
sleep pillow
Use These Fine 5 Herbs for Sleep Pillows
Close up of the patchouli flower blooms
How to Grow and Care for Patchouli Flowers
Chives planted in ground near white fence
How to Grow and Care for Chives
What Are the Best Herbs for a Drought Garden
Southernwood plant with delicate ornamental leaves
How to Grow Southernwood
closeup of spearmint
Spearmint Plant Profile
Licorice plant with small round leaves in container closeup
Growing the Sweet Scented Licorice Plant in a Garden