The Best Herbs for Your Footbath

You may have heard the saying that the skin is the largest organ we have. This is never more apparent than after a long day on our feet. The skin on our feet is subjected to stress, tight shoes, blisters, sweat, itchy conditions and more. Why not concentrate some herbal love on our hardest working body parts, and create a soothing foot bath to relieve a multitude of symptoms?

More importantly, foot baths can be a wonderful part of our overall health. Deeply relaxing and restful, foot baths are an easy way to enjoy herbal remedies that can improve your overall health and at the very least, improve your mood.

For the biggest benefit, set aside enough time to thoroughly pamper your feet. Enjoy a foot bath, apply a soothing moisturizer, slide on some thick, warm socks and put your feet up for at least 15 minutes. Better yet, climb into bed with a cup of herbal tea! This is a simple way to give yourself some time to recharge, and it all starts with an herbal foot bath.

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    Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Provence, France
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    We like to use lavender blooms of course, but the leaves and stems work well here also. For a naturally soothing boost to go along with the lavender, try whisking 1/4 cup of dry oats in a coffee grinder, until powdery and add that to the lavender in the water.

    This is a great way to soften those hard to reach areas on the feet that we all have. Dry without rinsing and your feet will feel fresh and soft.

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    Bunch of fresh sage
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    Sage is wonderfully soothing for an herbal foot bath. It has a slightly medicinal scent, that will dissipate when your feet dry.

    Sage makes a great base for your herbal foot bath for feet that have an odor due to excessive sweating. If your feet do sweat more than normal, keep an eye out for yeast overgrowth as well. This would be red, cracked, and itchy areas on the feet that seem to just never go away. Adding sage and cider vinegar to the footbath is a great way to combat this.

    Sage is a herb that seems to keep it's scent longer than many other herbs. If you do find that you have extra sage in your stash, try using it for the footbath, as it's still great for this purpose after it becomes too old for cooking with.

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    Fresh thyme in a preserving jar on wood
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    If you are looking for that tingly, refreshing feeling in a footbath, then thyme is your go-to herb. Fragrant and soothing, thyme will refresh your tired feet. Try using it fresh or dry, and remember, thyme is one of those herbs that keeps it scent well. Don't be afraid to use that old thyme you are hesitant to use in your latest pot roast recipe.

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    Sweet Marjoram

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    Sweet marjoram is perfect for a soothing foot bath. The heady scent will refresh your feet and refresh your senses at the same time. Add some sea salt to the water and sprinkle in your sweet marjoram. This is a great pick me up after standing on your feet all day.

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    Lovage Levisticum officinale stem
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    For a herb with such a rich history in herbal healing, lovage certainly needs some more kudos. It will be one of your favorite herbs, once you try it in this foot bath mix. Used in soothing foot bath recipes, lovage is an impressive addition.

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    Cider Vinegar

    Apple Cider Vinegar
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    Cider vinegar is certainly not a herb, but it has its place in herbal health and deserves a spot on this list.

    Use four tablespoons of cider vinegar in your footbath, to help balance the pH and combat itchy skin problems. Vinegar is a true must-have for pampering and overall foot health. Don't worry, the scent won't linger after it dries on the skin.


If you have never pampered yourself with a footbath, it really will surprise you how good it makes you feel. Caring for our feet is an important part of our overall health. Herbs are a wonderful addition to the mix.