Tall Herbs for the Garden Landscape

Russian sage herb bushes with lavender flowers on tall stems in sunlight

The Spruce / Evgeniya Vlasova

Sometimes, you simply need a big herb plant to hide something unsightly, fill a difficult to grow area, or just provide a bit of privacy. Here are 5 herbs that will grow larger than life for you!

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    Russian Sage

    Russian sage her bush with lavender-blue flowers on tall thin stems next to yellow-green bush in sunlight

    The Spruce / Evgeniya Vlasova

    Fabulous and huge, Russian Sage is a stunning herb for your landscape. It is highly scented, commanding attention when you walk by. The lavender-blue flowers tower over the softly silvered foliage. This would make an amazing focal point in the garden, or fill in a difficult growing area.

    The only negative experience I have had with this beautiful herb is with intense rainfall, the huge plant can flop apart with the weight of water soaked flowers.

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    USA, California, San Benito County, Fennel plants
    WIN-Initiative / Getty Images

    In a word: Amazing! Fennel is a fantastic plant, with a soft green color. Useful for cooking, of course, many people never realize that fennel can grow to magnificent proportions. Grow it for blocking an unsightly area in your yard, fennel grows thickly and is very forgiving. I like to grow it for eating of course, but also because it makes a safe haven for so many beneficial insects.

    Fennel also makes a temporary screen against neighbors who are a bit too curious. Plant it thickly, and your lovely green screen will give you some much-needed privacy.

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    Borage herb plant with fuzzy green leaves with small blue flowers on stems in garden

    The Spruce / Evgeniya Vlasova

    Borage is much more than a big, fuzzy herb plant. When growing it, try placing the plants in a location where it can run wild. Since it self-seeds so easily, you can soon fill in an otherwise impossible gardening area.

    Borage is delicious and fast growing. It fills out with lovely foliage, and then the flowers arrive. Your neighbors will wonder where in the world you found such a commanding specimen. It truly is a must-have if you have the room.

    For more interesting ideas for Borage, check out: 10 Companion Herbs For Tomatoes.

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    Aralia elata
    undefined undefined / Getty Images

    Angelica is a truly stunning herb. It is highly scented, with lush foliage and a tall, regal stature.

    Angelica may be a lesser known herb for many of us, but it deserves some attention. Use it as a foil to your shorter herbs, grow it against a weathered outbuilding to add some rustic charm, and of course, grow it as a focal point; possibly for an English-themed garden?

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    Grahamphoto23 / Getty Images

    Beautiful Comfrey. It stands so strong and provides unbeatable herbal benefits to both humans and animals. Comfrey needs to be part of the huge herbal plant's list. It grows to towering heights, blooms amazing, purple flowers, and attracts all the beneficial insects your garden will need.

    Grow comfrey where it can either spread unencumbered or grow it in large pots and sink those into the soil. Comfrey spreads by root, making it nearly impossible to remove. We grow it in large feeding tubs, where it can spread for a few years, yet not take over the actual herb gardens. We have grown it near the goat's pasture, but those girls seem to keep it eaten down so it stops producing.