Herbs That Can Be Used for Dry Hair

What herbs can be used for dry hair?

Truthfully, the advertisements that we all hear about, make claims that are not accurate. There is no quick fix for any of the main hair issues. Store bought shampoos and miracle treatments, are usually foamy/fragrant coatings, that temporarily change the hair's look and feel. Often, the very ingredients in the products can cause the issues that the consumer is trying to fix.

Dry hair is a great example of this. There are more natural remedies that won't cost an arm and a leg and will help with the dryness, without stripping the hair and simply coating it. Check out some of these ideas for dry hair. As with any herbal train of thought, using herbs to treat hair issues, is not a one time or quick thing. There are herbs that will make the hair feel less dry, but it is not a permanent solution. Think of treating your dry hair as if it needs to recover from something. In essence, it does. Use as little detergent and chemical hair coatings as possible. Stimulate the scalp's natural oils and help disperse them, by using a natural bristle brush. Of course, the less heat from curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers as possible can help, but so can a simple hot oil treatment.

Alternatively, you can use any of the following herbs, and make an herbal rinse with them. These rinses are rinsed ​through the hair over and over and then left to dry on the hair and scalp. The scent of the rinse will dissipate as it dries, and will leave only the improved hair condition.

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    Burdock Root

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    Burdock root is a must have for dry hair treatment. It is also useful for many other remedies, as well as just plain delicious as a roasted vegetable. There is no reason not to try it! Burdock root is found at many herbal shops, and remember that it is also sold in Asian markets, as Gobo Root.

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    Comfrey. Smoobs

    If you think about it, comfrey makes sense on this list. It helps speed healing, and dry hair/scalp certainly can benefit from some soothing recovery.

    Remember that comfrey grows very fast, and can be harvested numerous times throughout the growing season, so save plenty, and use it in your daily hair rinse.

    I find that I have much less hair breakage when including comfrey in my herbal hair rinse recipe.

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    Elderberry Flowers

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    The sweet fragrance of the Elderflower is much more than a pretty scent. Use it in your herbal hair rinse, for a refreshing result. This may make a believer of anyone who questions your love of herbal remedies.

    Freeze Elderflowers in the early spring, to use throughout the rest of the year for this remedy, or juice and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. Melt one cube into your boiling water in the recipe for Herbal Hair Rinses.

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    Strong and soothing, sage is useful as a hair rinse for dry hair and scalp. Massage it into the scalp and then pour through hair. Sage also works to give the hair body and an incredible shine, both things that dry hair is lacking. Think of these as a bonus.

    You may grow to love the spicy scent of this herbal rinse that includes Sage. It's wonderful!

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    Marsh Mallow

    Marsh Mallow
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    Mallow's soothing, moistening properties make it an obvious choice for dry hair. As with the skin and mucous membranes, the emollient action is also useful for the hair.

    Expect softening, and cooling results on the hair and scalp.