Which Household Herbs Will Get Me High?

Most kitchen herbs are safe to eat in any quantity

Anyone who is concerned about which household herbs can get them high will be comforted to know that most household herbs are harmless, even if eaten in large quantities. Whether you are interested in this topic as a potential user or as a parent of someone who may want to experiment, you should understand that, although anything has the potential to be misused, there are only a couple of common household seasonings and garden plants that can produce an altered mental state.


Ingesting a couple of tablespoons of nutmeg produces what drug users refer to as a bad trip or an altered state that is uncomfortable and exhausting. Symptoms of a high appear anywhere from half an hour to three hours after eating a large amount of nutmeg. The unpleasant aftereffects can last for a couple of days. Nutmeg is not recommended by either those who use drugs or those who do not. Because heart palpitations, vision disturbances, heavy sweating, vomiting and extreme exhaustion are the results of its misuse, nutmeg is better left in the kitchen where it is appropriately used in minuscule amounts.


One variety of salvia, known as Salvia divinorum, has found underground notoriety because of its effects and the fact that it is legal to grow. This beautiful plant was originally used in religious ceremonies by a select few to induce visions or altered states of consciousness.

Salvia divinorum produces visions and promotes self-reflection and meditation. Of the hundreds of varieties of salvia, Salvia divinorum is the only salvia that produces visions. It should be treated like alcohol in the sense that it isn't safe to drive after chewing or smoking it. Because the effects are strong and can be misused, the plant is considered harmful and should be avoided.

You are unlikely to have Salvia divinorum in your home garden because it is a controlled substance in several states and is illegal in many other countries.

Food and Seasoning Toxic Reactions Are Mostly Myths

There are many myths about household food and seasonings that have persisted through the years. The following items have all been said to cause some sort of reaction when misused. The truth is that the only reaction caused by ingestion is a headache or nausea.

There are many possible interactions that occur when you ingest herbs in large or small quantities. However, getting high is rarely one of them. Although some herbs are reported to have healing properties, some plants are poisonous. Just because you can grow something in the home garden doesn't mean it is safe to eat.

Herbal Smoking Mixtures

You can blend basic herbs to make your own herbal smoking mixtures. These mixtures offer no high, but they can be relaxing and are an alternative to tobacco.