Here's Your Spring Feng Shui To-Do List

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    Feng Shui Tips for Spring

    spring list

    Spring season is full of celebrations, all of them reflecting the beauty of nature renewal and a genuine hope for a new beginning. Is the feng shui energy of your home reflecting this vibrant renewal? When you are truly in tune with the energy of spring, you can tap into the source of miracles. 

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    Feng Shui Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

    Spring is the season of renewal, manifestation, celebration and falling in love, of course! Now is the time to take those bold steps and manifest your dreams. A good spring cleaning of your home can do wonders for your personal energy; it will nourish and strengthen you. Feng shui, as always, can help with a variety of easy, powerful tips for spring cleaning your home.

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    Feng Shui Clutter Clearing System

    feng shui clutter clearing system

    In feng shui, clutter is viewed from a slightly different viewpoint. Not only clutter complicates your life, disturbs the view of your home and steals precious time, it also steals your vital energy. Now, this is serious. Do you really want to let clutter drain your precious life energy? I hope not!  Let me share with you a super effective feng shui clutter clearing system that really works. 


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    Feng Shui House Areas To Keep Clutter Free

    If you think the time to clear your clutter is not time well spent, let me change your mind by using basic feng shui wisdom. It will be really easy. Using feng shui to clear your clutter can actually be a very exciting process once you understand what clutter does to your life and to your home.

    Clutter is low, stagnant, and confusing energy that constantly drains energy from you. 

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    Use Feng Shui To Clear Your Closet Clutter

    feng shui closet clutter

    Here is the thing about closets - most people think of closets as an "out of sight, out of mind" deal. Not true. Especially in feng shui terms, where we know that everything is energy.

    It is important to understand that with the feng shui energy, the "out of sight" strategy does not work. You cannot cover, conceal or pretend not to see low energy, because in the world of feng shui energy, there are no boundaries.

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    How To Do a Major Space Clearing Session

    feng shui space clearing tips

    In feng shui, it is recommended to do a deep space clearing at least once a year. It is also recommended to do space clearing after an intense negative event, such as a divorce, for example, or before moving into a house that might have many negative energies (as in a foreclosure house.) It is also good to do a space clearing at the beginning of each season.

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    Pick Your Perfect Front Door Color

    feng shui red color front door south

    Front doors are very important in feng shui, because it is through the front door - also called the mouth of Chi - that the house receives its feng shui nourishment of energy. The quality of this energy determines the quality of energy in your home.

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    Garden Feng Shui Design Tips

    Feng shui can help you improve the energy in any space, be it a house, an office, or a garden. If you have the possibility to create a garden around your house, no matter how small, sure go for it. A beautiful garden will create vibrant feng shui energy, as well as neutralize bad energy before it enters your house.

    Even though the art of garden design can take years to master, use feng shui to start small and be patient.

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    Feng Shui Tips To Sell Your House

    dining room feng shui

    Knowing how to sell your house with feng shui will save you time, money and help avoid useless effort. The ancient art of feng shui has many "how to" tips that can help sell your house the easy way. So, if you plan to sell your house, or have been trying to sell your house for a while now, here are some easy feng shui "how to" tips to get the energy moving.

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    Feng Shui Tips for Your House Exterior

    feng shui house exterior

    The feng shui of a house is determined by factors both outside, as well as inside the house. Feng shui masters affirm that if the outside feng shui of a house is overpoweringly negative, there is no point in improving the feng shui of the inside of the house.

    It is true that if the house has challenging exterior feng shui, it is very difficult to achieve good feng shui inside the house. Our feng shui tips will help with the most common feng shui dilemmas of house exterior, as well as give...MORE you general info on creating good feng shui outside your house.


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    12 Feng Shui Color Tips To Create A Beautiful Home

    The right feng shui use of colors can do wonders for your home. We are all in love with color, and we all respond to color in more or less predictable ways. Feng shui takes the use of color to the next level, where each color brings the desired feng shui energies to your home in order to create harmony and balance.

    From vibrant red to soothing aqua blue and fresh white - which color is best feng shui for your living room or for the home office?