Hess Toy Truck Collector's Edition

Collectors Edition Hess Toy Truck 2014
Hess Toy Truck

In 1964, the first Hess Toy Tanker Truck was designed by Leon Hess as a way to thank loyal customers of Hess gas stations. While you can learn more about the extensive history of Hess toy trucks here, these awesome toy vehicles have been purchased by families and passionate Hess Truck collectors for 50 years.

Hess toy trucks are awesome vehicles released every year in November, during the exciting and chaotic gift giving holiday season.

These "trucks" do not necessarily always actually include a truck. Hess toy trucks have included tanker trucks, helicopters, flatbed trucks, and construction vehicles.

For a very fair price, the toys can be bought online. The toys used to be available at select Hess gas stations. Sometimes there are special retail locations where the trucks can be bought just prior to the Christmas holiday, for those who live in the New Jersey area.

For those that choose to purchase trucks online during the holiday season at hesstoytruck.com, shipping is free. The toy arrives gift wrapped with batteries installed.

The vehicles themselves are very durable, and include a lot of play value for young children, making them an excellent toy for children who enjoy vehicle play.

2014 was a major milestone for the company as Hess celebrated 50 years of the Hess Truck. To capitalize on the excitement, in addition to the annual "truck" that debuted at the beginning of the holiday gift giving season, this collector's edition toy tanker was available for purchase.

The Collector's Edition Hess Toy Truck is an individually numbered, limited edition tanker. With over 100 working lights, the tanker toy was given more lights than any other Hess Toy Truck. A hinge on the back of the tanker opens to reveal a smaller tanker, which is a replica of the first Hess Toy Tanker Truck from 1964.

This collectors edition truck is also the first truck to feature undercarriage lighting.

Trucks were available first online October 2, 2014 and on November 14, 2014 at Hess, Hess Express and WilcoHess retail stores. However, since the holiday season has passed and this is a limited edition truck, it is now only possible to find this truck through online auction sites like Ebay. If you are buying this toy new, since it is a limited edition should expect to pay 3 or more times the amount of the original purchase price. It is possible to save money if you can find the toy used.

It was not until my son turned 3 that we began collecting Hess Toy Trucks. I honestly wish we had started collecting them sooner. To date, they are the most loved toy vehicles in our home.  I can say from personal experience Hess Toy Trucks are durable, interactive, interesting, detailed and hold a lot of play value for children of all age ranges. They can be bought at an affordable price, especially since they offer free shipping, arrive gift wrapped and have batteries installed. Depending upon the size of the toy, many times there are additional vehicles hidden inside the larger vehicle. 

Because my son is so excited about these toys, his grandparents offer to buy him a new Hess Toy Truck vehicle each year.

I know many families who buy at least 2 trucks per year, 1 truck as a collectible that stays in the original packaging and another and at least 1 other truck that can be taken out of the package and played with.

There is only 1 Hess Toy Truck released each year. We have never been disappointed and since it is only available for a short period of time each year, there is a lot of excitement in our home when the Hess truck arrives each year.

The Hess Toy Truck was a finalist to be considered as an inductee into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2014 but was unfortunately not chosen.

Disclosure: The company provided free access to this service for review purposes.