A Guide to Heuchera Varieties

Heuchera. Photo courtesy of nociveglia

So you’ve decided you need to grow heuchera in your colorful landscape. Now what? It can be overwhelming to sort through the options to find just what you need. Here’s a collection of heuchera varieties, sorted into groups so it’s easier to wade through. We’ve done the sorting – now all you have to do is choose. Good luck!

Red and Purple Heuchera Varieties

Add some depth to the landscape with a rich red or deep burgundy heuchera.

Here are some of the best varieties, with some info on each to help you find just the tones you need.

‘Chocolate Ruffles.’Blooming pale pink flowers at the end of spring through the end of summer, Chocolate Ruffles heucheras are names for their deep chocolate leaves with ruffled edges. Grows to 10inches tall and 18-20 inches wide.

‘Fire Chief.’ Bright red stems hold pink and white flowers against dark red leaves. In zones where heuchera is winter hardy, the leaves deepen into a brown when it gets cold. Grows to low 4-5 inches tall and 18-20 inches wide.

‘Marmalade.’ An evergreen where hardy, Marmalade’s foliage is shiny, textured, and boasts copper and bronze topsides with lighter undersides. Early summer shows off spiked dark red flowers. Grows up to 16 inches tall and around 18-20 inches wide.

‘Peach Flambe.’ Tipping from red into orange as its name would suggest, Peach Flambe is grown for its vibrant foliage.

Grows to 10inches tall and 12 inches wide.

‘Bressingham Bronze.’ White summer flowers contrast the warm bronzed-purple of the foliage. Grow for its color contrast but also its impressive size. Grows to over 24 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

‘Palace Purple.’ A royal addition to the landscape, Palace Purple is also a large statement piece.

The purple shades are rich and are offset by white sprays of flowers. Grows to 24 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

'Black Taffeta.'This purple is so deep it’s nearly black, made more impressive with the sheen of the leaves. Instead of height, Black Taffeta shows off as a mound, especially good for containers. Grows to 10 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Lime and Yellow Heuchera Varieties

A shocking lime heuchera is a fun and dramatic addition to the landscape. You can’t beat these varieties for their bright foliage.

‘Electric Lime.’Contrast standard foliage with broad, shocking lime foliage of Electric Lime. Since heuchera tolerates shade – even likes it! –it’ll all but glow in any shady corner. Grows to 30 inches tall and 12-15 inches wide.

‘Citronelle.’ Another large leafed heuchera, Citronelle runs in shades of chartreuse. Stack against other, deeper foliage or combine with similarly bold and bright colors. Grows to 12 inches tall and 18-20 inches wide.

‘Key Lime Pie.’ What’s better in summer than a key lime pie? This bright lime-colored heuchera! Springtime brings white flowers and summer carries the citrus foliage on. Grows to 15-16 inches tall and 20 inches wide.

‘Lime Rickey.’ Another shade favorite, these lime green leaves are ruffled and lay under white flower sprays.

Grows to 6-8 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

‘Pistache.’A late bloomer, enjoy the lime/chartreuse flowers year long where hardy, brightening up your shady spaces. Grows to 18-20 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

Havana.'These yellow-green leaves rest under warm pink flower wands that will re-bloom throughout the summer. Grows to 7 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

Little Cutie 'Sweet Tart.' Sweet hot pink flowers top tart lime green foliage that mounds into a tight space. Long blooming, from spring through fall, Sweet Tart adds tang to any space! Grows to 5 inches tall and 8 inches wide.

'Tara.' Blending our first category with this one, Tara has yellow-green foliage with red centers and veins when young. Grows to 8 inches high with taller flowers and 10 inches wide.

Heuchera Varieties with Green Foliage

These heuchera varieties stand out for texture and summer flowers, with more traditional green foliage.

‘Beauty Colour.’ An interesting blend of colors and texture all in on heuchera. Edges are scalloped and green, surrounding tones of purple and silver. A fascinating variety! Grows to 12-14 inches high and 18-20 inches wide.

‘Green Spice.’ If you like the variety of colors in vein detail on Beauty Color but not the strong contrast, Green Spice fits the bill. Plus soft white flowers in early summer. Grows to 12 inches high and 12 inches wide.

‘Leuchtkafer.’ While most heuchera are grown primarily for foliage, Leuchtkafer shows off a thick mass of wiry, small bright red flowers. Grows to a mounded 24 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

‘Snow Angel.’ The green foliage on this heuchera is smattered with just enough creamy shading to resemble a light snow. Pink flowers grace it in early summer. Grows to 12 inches tall and wide.

‘Stawberry Candy.’ There’s nothing sweeter than bright flowers that make it through August when the sun starts to claim many blooms. Green foliage with bits of silver highlights forms a base for pink flower sprays. Grows to 8 inches tall and wide.

‘Venus.’The green of Venus ranges from a focal point to edging for the silver dusting throughout the center. Flowers through early summer are white. Grows to 12 inches tall and 12-14 inches wide.

'Lime Marmalade.'Even if you are looking for a simple green foliage addition to the garden, don’t rule out that shocking shade of green. Edges are ruffled, summer blooms are white, and excitement is plentiful! Grows to 10 inches tall and 24 inches wide.

'Monet.'Another gray-green variegation topped with blooms in a soft red. In spite of its small mounding shape, foliage is broader than other varieties. Blooms throughout summer. Grows to 6-8 inches tall with taller flowers, and 10-14 inches wide.

‘Apple Crisp.'A rich, true green with crispy ruffled edges in a compact mound. Flowers stay close in late spring and early summer. Grows to 6 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

‘Chatterbox.'Classic, simple green foliage edges well in the garden while clusters of rosy flowers throughout summer.

Typically grows to 12 inches tall and wide, potentially more.

Mixed Color Heuchera Varieties

Can’t decide? Try one of these heuchera varieties with a mixture of colors.

‘Amethyst Mist.’Boasting the rich burgundy-purple of other reddish varieties and the silver sprayed the foliage of some of the green varieties, Amethyst Mist creates a striking display. Grows to 8 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

‘Midnight Rose.’The deep, dark leaves are splattered with bright pink splotches, year round where hardy. Grows to 12 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

‘Plum Pudding.’Go for broke with all of the shades in this one variety. Leaves are broad and glossed, deep burgundy, with hints of silver and green. Grows to 15 inches tall and 18-20 inches wide.

‘Plum Royale.’Bright, shining, pinkish purple through most of the year with a wintery silver gloss when things cool down. Grows to 20 inches tall and 18-20 inches wide.

‘Stormy Seas.’Similar in foliage color to the other deep red/brown with silver hints, the real show is in the flowers that reach twice as high as the plant. Grows to 12 inches tall and 18-20 inches wide, though flowers can reach 30 inches.

‘Tiramasu.’When you need a burst of color beyond what simple blooms can offer, go for a shocking copper-orange like Tiramisu. Grows to 20 inches tall and 18-20 inches wide.

'Electra.'Green foliage is brought to life in every season with bright, true red veining throughout each leaf. Grows to 8 inches tall and 14 inches wide.