Colorful Small Space Decorating Ideas From HGTV's John Gidding

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    Talking Small Space Colors, Decorating, and More With HGTV's John Gidding

    Small Space Color Ideas and Tips from John Gidding
    Get Colorful Small Space Decorating Ideas With John Gidding. ©JohnGidding

    John Gidding Knows How to Use Color to Decorate a Small Space

    Decorating a small room is easy with the right color scheme and a few great design tips. I was fortunate to have a conversation about making the most of a small space with architect and television personality, John Gidding. As the Spokesperson for Sherwin-Williams National Paint Week, John shared his secrets for maximizing a small room with color and decor. He also shared his favorite color trends right now in this gorgeous slideshow.

    Yo...MOREu may know John Gidding from HGTV's Curb Appeal and Dream Home, or his other appearances including Rachael Ray, Dream Home, Fox's Home Free, and Good Morning America. Be sure to check out John's Curb Appeal Secrets interview for even more decorating tips.

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    Don't be Limited by Light Paint Colors for Small Spaces

    Sherwin-Williams Muddied Basil Living Room
    Dark Colors for Small Spaces with John Gidding. ©Sherwin-Williams

    We have been told for years that a small space should be painted and decorated in light colors. It turns out that not every room is used the same way, and not every person has the same taste. So, that one-color-fits-all advice may not be so true anymore now that small space living is more popular than ever.

    Q. Do You Think That Using Light Paint Colors is Still a Concrete Rule for Small Spaces? 

    John Gidding: “Painting with light colors is a nice rule of thumb, but it’s not the end rule to make a...MORE space light and airy. Sometimes you want to make a space masculine and moody, and that can be achieved with light colors."

    Wall Color: Sherwin-Williams Muddied Basil

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    How to Use Color to Maximize a Small Room

    Floring Ideas for Small Space Decorating
    Small Space Decorating Ideas With John Gidding. ©

    There is more to decorating a small room than just choosing the right paint color. Every detail matters when space is scarce.

    Q. What is Your Favorite Color Tip for Making the Most of a Small Space? 

    John Gidding: “A quick color tip for small spaces would be to start with the floor itself.  Note area rugs and look from wall to wall. Give every square inch a designer’s eye from the ground up. It makes for thoughtful design for the whole room.” Braden Studio Adan Futon Sofa Bed

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    Bring the Indoors Out and Outdoors In to Open Up a Rooom

    Bring the Outdoors Inside Decorating Tips
    Small Space Decorating Ideas With John Gidding. ©Astronaut Images/Getty Images

    Bringing the outdoors inside has been a popular decorating style for years with plants, and large windows and doors. In a small room, using your outside space to give the illusion of more square footage inside is a brilliant take on that idea, and John Gidding has the secret to making this work in your home.

    Q. How Can a Homeowner Use Their Home's Exterior Space to Extend Their Interior Space?

    John Gidding: “Anytime you add to the exterior of your home, you add to the value. Extending tile or...MORE wood siding to bridge from the inside of your home to the outside of your home builds a great cohesiveness from inside to outside.” 

    A simple seasonal change to your furniture layout can mean an even bigger illusion of space right outside your windows. 

    Q. How Can Furniture Placement Help to Extend Your Living Space?

    “Something people forget about when decorating small spaces is to layout the furniture to focus on the correct spots in the room. For example, positioning your sofa to face a fireplace is great for the winter, but for summer, moving the sofa to make French doors the focal point in a room is a way to keep it fresh and bridge to the seasons.” 

    Looking for more outdoor decorating ideas? See the latest outdoor decorating tips from top designers.

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    A 100% Free Small Room Decorating Tip and a 100% Clever Tip

    Small Room Tips and Furniture Layout Ideas
    Small Space Decorating Tips with John Gidding. ©Sherwin-Williams

    An easy-to-make design mistake is to line your furniture up around the room in hopes of making the room look larger. John has a better way to arrange your furniture.

    Q.What Else Can We do to Make a Room Look Larger?

    John Gidding: “Another small space tip is to keep furniture off the walls. Keeping furniture on the walls calls attention to the problem that you do not have space. Giving a little room makes a big difference, if it’s possible.” 

    Looking for a stylish way to open up a small space with...MORE paint? This painting trick from John is brilliant and stylish. 

    Q. What Can We do in Rental to Give a Large Look to a Small Space?

    John Gidding: "A great tip for renters or people looking to make a noticeable upgrade on a budget is just to paint the space. By extending ceiling paint partially down the wall, or extending trim paint up to emulate a high-end effect of corbels or wood embellishments at a much lower cost.” 

    Decorating a rental home isn't always easy. Check out these tips for using color in your rental even if you can't paint the walls.

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    Embracing the Small Space Lifestyle

    Small Space Color Ideas and Tips from John Gidding
    Small Space Color Tips With John Gidding. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Embracing small space living isn't necessarily about trying to make a space look larger, it's about making it yours. 

    Is it Really Important to Make a Room Look Larger or Have we Fully Embraced Small Space Living?

    John Gidding: "We have really embraced small space living. Wall space can be all storage and still look stylish—it’s utilitarian. Having specific, thoughtful choices about the items you want in your home allows you to live in a space that you love.” 

    Wall Color:...MORE Sherwin-Williams Anew Gray

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    Look Up for the Hottest New Ceiling Color Trend

    Ceiling Paint Color Ideas | Sherwin-Williams
    Small Space Decorating Ideas With John Gidding. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Q. Is There One Exciting Color Decorating Trend You Love Right Now?

    John Gidding: “Another color trend that we are seeing is embracing ceiling painting. A great tip to do this effectively is to take the color that’s already on your walls, and select a hue that is 3-4 shades lighter for the ceiling. It’s interesting without too much of a risk.” 

    Ceiling Color: Sherwin-Williams Jasper Stone

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    The Surprising Paint Color Trend

    Pink Living Room - Sherwin Williams 2016 Color Trends
    Color Trend | Pink Living Rooms. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Q. What Paint Color Trend Should we Watch For?

    John Gidding: "Colors that are making their way into homes would be lavenders, soft pink-grays, muted mauve tones, pale fuschias, etc. It’s a more masculine and neutral version of pink that are very versatile and refreshing in design."

    Wall Color: Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color Trends Mas Amor Por Favor.

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    John Gidding's Curb Appeal Secret Weapon - Paint Your Front Door

    Front Door Before and After | Curb Appeal
    Front Door Makeover with John Gidding. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Of course, I couldn't resist asking John for just one curb appeal tip! 

    Q. Give us One Can't-Miss Curb Appeal Tip

    John Gidding: “I love bright colors and high-impact front doors. You can’t go wrong with jewel tones and berry colors for front doors. It’s a quick, easy project that makes a big difference. Just in time for National Painting Week, Sherwin-Williams released SnapDry, which is a paint that dries in just one hour which is perfect for doors and trim.” 

    Here's how to do your own...MORE front door facelift with Sherwin-Williams SnapDry™ paint. 

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    Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week in the Community

    John Gidding Pitches in for Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week
    Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week Community Projects With John Gidding. ©Sherwin-Williams

    John Gidding was named the 2015 and 2016 Spokesperson for Sherwin-Wiliams National Painting Week. In addition to providing awesome paint and decorating tips to consumers, John joined Sherwin-Williams in a special makeover for the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles. Sherwin-Williams associates volunteer in their own communities each May to refresh hundreds of local sites like community centers, parks, and historical landmarks. Sherwin-Williams donates paint and supplies for these...MORE community projects every year. 

    John Gidding: “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Sherwin-Williams again this year to help inspire consumers to make bold impressions with paint, while also making a difference in local communities,” Gidding said. “Homeowners know that even simple projects can make a big transformation in homes and communities, and we’re looking forward to sharing tips, tools and inspiration to help get them started.”