12 Hidden Storage Ideas for Combating Clutter

Kitchen with secret bench storage solutions

Oh So Kel

The lack of storage space in most homes is a common problem. It is possible to uncover more storage space out of thin air in every room in your house. You'll be inspired when you see the following ways to conceal your stuff.

Here are 12 ways to find space in places you never thought of before so you can start to live clutter-free.

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    A Secret Closet

    Secret closet behind built-in shelves
    Tim Green

    Atlanta based interior designer, Tim Green has an ingenious idea for hiding bulky items like luggage and boxes. Behind these built-in bookshelves is a secret closet that opens up and stores big items out of sight.

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    A Hidden Spice Rack

    Spice rack hidden behind backsplash
    Christopher Peacock

    Kitchens can quickly get cluttered. But cabinetry designer, Christopher Peacock crafted a solution. His excellent trick keeps countertops orderly. This backsplash slides back to reveal a hidden spice rack.

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    A Garage Lined With Shelves

    garage storage
    The Rich Miser

    Reclaim the space in your garage to store your vehicle by taking advantage of the walls. Blogger Miguel Suro of The Rich Miser installed inexpensive, but durable shelving across one entire wall of the garage. He outfitted shelves with bins to keep everything in place. One trip to a home improvement store resulted in a neat, organized garage.

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    Built-in Bunk Bed Storage

    Under the bed storage solutions
    Christopher Peacock

    A bedroom shared by two boys has innovative storage tucked into all corners of the bunk beds. The bedroom designed by Christopher Peacock includes concealed storage solutions in every inch. Three drawers are built into the bottom bunk. Vertical cubbies are built into the foot of each bed for each boy's items.

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    Hidden Electronic Devices

    charging station concealed in cabinet
    Love Our Real Life

    Unsightly cords and cables for charging phones and tablets were a pet peeve in the home of April Lee of Love Our Real Life. Her solution? Refinish a vintage cabinet so all the charging can be done behind closed doors. The cabinet is spacious inside so there's no chance of tangled wires and cords.

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    No More Junk Drawer

    spices hidden in kitchen drawer
    Christopher Peacock

    What was once a less-than-functional junk drawer stuffed with unused items is now a customized spice drawer. This custom-built kitchen by Christopher Peacock features a convenient spice rack that makes cooking easier now that every spice has its place.

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    Breakfast Nook Storage

    hidden storage in kitchen banquettte
    Oh So Kel

    Kelly Harmer of Oh So Kel created loads of hidden storage in her kitchen's banquette seating area. The nook is brimming with built-in storage solutions including the hinged bench seats that lift for deep storage. The doors slide back on the cabinet to reveal a secret coffee bar with a coffee-making machine, pods, and drinkware.

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    A Loaded Kitchen Wall

    massive hidden kitchen storage
    Chris Loves Julia

    DIY bloggers at Chris Loves Julia kept organization at the top of their minds when revamping a small kitchen. They dedicated an entire wall to concealed storage complete with drawers and doors. Inside the storage compartments, the couple added another layer of organization by optimizing the space with baskets, bins, jars, turntables, and stepped stands for smaller items such as spices.

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    A Staircase of Storage

    Staircase storage cubbies

    BUJ+COLÓN Arquitectos

    Put your staircase to work with hidden storage. The design team at BUJ+COLÓN Arquitectos did just that with smartly placed cubbies and cabinets. The entire staircase system is modular, making it easy to reconfigure.

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    Storage Under the Bed

    rolling storage drawers for under bed
    R3 Architetti

    A lack of storage space here is solved with a simple solution. The design team at R3 Architetti eliminated the need for a bedroom dresser by placing customized rolling drawers under the built-in bed frame.

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    Hide a Large Appliance

    Laundry dryer concealed in cabinet
    Oh So Kel

    Appliances of all sizes can create visual clutter. Oh So Kel blogger Kelly Harmer's cooking space solves the problem with a creative hack for a laundry room. Her kitchen island is configured to conceal her washing machine.

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    Double-Duty Book Storage

    Bookcase built into steps

    Zminkowska De Boise Architects

    The risers are eliminated from these platform stairs to work double-duty as book storage, thanks to the clever designers at Zminkowska De Boise Architects. Additionally, the concept of horizontal book storage means the walls will stay clutter-free and the books easy to access from their lowered position near the floor.