High EMF Pollution in Your Home

feng shui mirror bed
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To successfully practice feng shui today, one needs to know much more than even 50 years ago, let alone 3,000 years. The word aware actually might be more appropriate. It is about developing a complex (and intelligent) kind of vision, where you look at a variety of environmental factors that can influence your well-being and know how to define a clear order of priorities for yourself and your family.
Understanding the location and movement of the unseen earth energies and how they influence humans' well-being is called geomancy. It is basically the knowledge of utilizing healing earth energies and avoiding potentially harmful ones when building any type of structure.
This knowledge has been used in old cultures all over the world. Depending on your situation, you might or might not need to explore the topic of geomancy to further your well-being.

How Polluted Is Your Home?

However, one important topic to explore is the modern EMF pollution. Are you actually aware of how polluted your home is, EMF-wise?
Here's one small example. Just the electrical alarm clock close to your bed generates an EMF field of about 5-10 mG (milligauss), which is much higher than the safe level of max 1 mG.
Do you have your cell phone nearby when you sleep? Are there any other electrical appliances close to your bed? Is your bedroom close to your home office, where the wireless connection and the computers are on 24/7? How about the bedrooms of your children?
While you cannot always have control over your EMF exposure during the day, you can certainly control the exposure in your home. A low EMF exposure is especially important at night when your body is doing most of the regenerative and healing work, which is why the bedroom is a great place to start.
Some solutions in dealing with high EMFs are pretty easy -- go for battery operated alarm clock versus an electrical one, and do not have your cell phone close to your body when you sleep. Some solutions might require much more effort and time, but this is a better option than weakening your immune system and watching your body potentially manifest disease.
The damaging effect of EMF pollution is cumulative. Even though exposure to high EMFs has been scientifically linked to a myriad of illnesses, it often takes time to see its effect on the physical body. Some people will react to it quite quickly, and others with a stronger immune system will take longer to respond.

Lessen Your Family's Exposure to High EMFs

The good news is, you can be smart and lessen your family's exposure to high EMFs. There are three good ways to do this:

1. The EMF fields weaken with distance from the source, so, for example, if you have a choice of where to locate your home office, choose to have it as far from your bedroom as possible.

2. Reduce the use of electrical equipment close to your bed, as well as close the areas where you spend a lot of time. Ask yourself: Do I really need to have the wireless on all the time? Do I really need to have the cell phone close to me when I am sleeping? Re-route the cell calls to your home phone and turn off the wireless when not needed.

3. Choose high-quality EMF protection devices for your home or office. There are many EMF protection products on the market -- have the due diligence research done and go for the EMF protection products that are right for you.