5 High-End Office Chairs

Buying the most expensive high-end office chair does not necessarily guarantee excellence. However, if you are going to spend a lot of time working at a desk, it is better to invest in a good, ergonomic chair. Search for one that offers support and flexibility, rather than good looks.

Consider what your special requirements are and check what support features the chair offers. Also, be sure to evaluate whether the chair will let you adjust height and tilt.

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    Herman Miller Embody chair
    Herman Miller

    Embody from Herman Miller is more expensive than their best known office chair Aeron, but it has some features that make it worth consideration.

    It has excellent lower back support, which remains consistent whether you are reclining or sitting up. The ergonomic back encourages a healthful posture for computer users.The narrower back also lets you move your arms freely.

    A skin-like textile covering allows for good air circulation, helping to keep the user's body cool through long hours of use.

    Th...MOREis Herman Miller chair was made in a facility that uses only renewable energy and the chair itself is 95% recyclable at the end of its life.

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    Herman Miller Aeron Chair
    Herman Miller

    An office chair classic, the Aeron Chair is considered to be one of the best office chairs around. Its popularity has continued unabated since 1994 when it was first introduced and quickly went on to become the most sought after office chair. 

    One reason for its popularity is that it is height adjustable and also adjusts to the level of lumbar support needed. The breathability that its Pellicle covering offers, and the waterfall front edge of the seat which relieves the pressure on thighs when...MORE sitting were once revolutionary features, but still offer comfort in use.

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    Steelcase Leap Chair

    Steelcase has many different lines of office furniture that are second to none, and the Steelcase Leap Chair is quite possibly its best recognized chairs.

    It has an upholstered seat and back, and looks more like a traditional office chair, and yet does so much more. It has a gliding seat and a flexible back that will conform to your spine, letting you work without backstrain.

    The chair's natural glide system lets you recline without having to pull away, which means you can shift positions...MORE easily and comfortably instead of staying in a static position.

    The Leap chair is also up to 98% recyclable by weight, and is constructed from 30% recyclable material earning it Cradle to Cradle certification.

    This chair is shown here in fabric but is also available in leather.

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    Humanscale Freedom Chair

    The most outstanding feature on the Humanscale Freedom chair is that it does not need control knobs for manual adjustments. The chair adapts to your position automatically.

    The automatic headrest is dynamic and position sensitive, adjusting to cradle your head and neck as you recline.

    The contoured cushions are designed to adjust to the user's body contours, and an optional Technogel seat cushion helps distribute weight more evenly for comfort.

    It comes in many leather and fabric choices and...MORE carries a five year warranty on all parts.

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    Gesture Chair by Steelcase

    To develop the design for this chair Steelcase photographed 2000 people in 11 countries in an effort to study their posture.

    If you are looking for design that will take your breath away, this chair does not offer it. Much like their Leap chair its beauty lies in the way it adjusts to your body.

    The chair's back and seat are designed to move as a synchronized system working together to offer support. The arm moves much like the human arm, allowing users support in multiple positions.

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    Sitting for long periods of time can impact your spine negatively if you are not able to maintain good posture throughout the day. Knowing what makes a good office chair will help you pick one that is right for you.
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