High-Quality Laminate Counters You'll Be Proud To Own

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    highe end laminate countertop

    If you're looking for "high-end" or "better quality" laminate counters, you may think that you are looking for an oxymoron.

    After all, laminate counters for years have signified "cheap" and "low-quality," at least in the minds of consumers. 

    The laminate countertop industry has begun to change that, with better quality laminate counters designed to appeal to buyers and remodelers interested in higher-end kitchens and bathrooms.  Let's look at a few.

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    Wilsonart HD (High Definition®) Laminate Counters

    wilsonart 3d
    Copyright Wilsonart

    Wilsonart has always been a dependable name in laminate countertops, and their HD® or High Definition® line gives this material greater visual depth and up to 3x the wearability of normal laminates. 

    You will find this marketed under premium series names such as Luna, Eclipse, Metallic, Passage, Crystalline, Gemstone, Bella, Sedona, and Deepstar.

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    Formica countertop in kitchen

    Absolutely the most recognized name in laminate counters, Formica has shaken off many associations with the past with its 180fx™ series that represents large-scale images of real, natural stone on sheets that are 5 feet long. This reduces the repetitive effect you get when smaller pieces of similiarly patterned Formica are laid together.

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    Pionite countertops in office

    Pionite HPL, or High-Pressure Laminate, performs well in commercial application.  But you'll find that it works well in your home, too.  While Pionite does offer the usual solid colors and woodgrains, this Maine-based company also has an enticing Abstracts Series that mimics certain natural stones, as well as some patterns that look simply...abstract.

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    Nevamar Paparazzi! Holographic Surfacing

    Nevamar countertop material

    Nevamar, which produces Pionite, also offers an unusual laminate counter called Paparazzi! Holographic Surfacing.  It's available as an accessory to Nevamar's solid colors, and is intended more for walls than horizontal surrfaces because of its low durability. 

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    VT Industries laminate
    VT Industries

    VT Industries utilizes all of the major laminate materials, such as those from Wilsonart, Formica, and more, to produce high-quality laminate countertops.