YO! Home is a High Tech Apartment That Reinvents Micro Living

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    This Studio Apartment Might be the Future of Urban Housing

    Yo Home's Living Room. Yo Home

    If you've ever gone apartment hunting in an expensive city, you know that finding a space that's both reasonably sized and affordably priced, can feel like a wild goose chase. But it appears that a new development of space-saving apartments called YO! Home may put an end to fruitless searching.

    While the units will be a petite 430 square feet, they will feel much bigger thanks to an ingenious system that keeps stuff you're not using, including entire rooms, out of sight. We share how...MORE this tiny studio operates on the following pages. --> -->

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    YO! Home: A Pop-up Dining Table

    Yo Home

    When you're ready to dine, just push a button to reveal the dining table concealed under the floor.

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    YO! Home: A Concealed Kitchen

    Yo Home

    What's concealed behind a pair of living room doors? A beautifully designed compact kitchen.

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    YO! Home: The Bed Descends From the Ceiling

    Yo Home

    When it's time to catch some zzz, a flick of the switch reveals the bedroom, which descends from the ceiling. How does this studio apartment manage to hide the living room?

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    YO! Home: Where's the Living Room?

    Yo Home

    The living room gets tucked in for the night under the bedroom.

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    YO! Home: This Studio Apartment Has Lots of Floor Storage

    Yo Home

    The YO! Home apartment packs lots of hidden floor to ceiling storage. Here are the storage compartments located under this tiny abode's floor.

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    YO! Home: This Studio Apartment Has Lots of Closet Space

    Yo Home

    The studio apartment has more floor to ceiling storage behind the closed doors next to the kitchen.

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    YO! Home: This Studio Apartment Has a Spacious Bathroom

    Yo Home

    The stylish bathroom in the YO! Home apartment is not only spacious, but it's also loaded with spa inspired features.

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    YO! Home: Created by British Entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe

    Yo Home

    The property developer behind YO! Home is British entrepreneur Simon Woodroffe. He is the guy who launched the UK restaurant franchise YO! Sushi and the budget micro hotel chain YOTEL. 

    While the apartment shared here is a prototype, the first YO! HOME apartment complex is in development in Manchester, England. The units will start at around $240,000.