Highway 60 Yard Sale in Western Kentucky

The Event Stretches Over 200 Miles

Young people selling at car boot sale
Gary John Norman/Taxi/Getty Images

This year, the first weekend in October will once again find eight counties in western Kentucky hosting one of the most famous of regional yard sales in the U.S.—the 200-mile long Highway 60 yard sale. This annual sale sprawling over the counties of Livingston, Crittenden, Union, Henderson, Daviess, Hancock, Breckenridge, and Meade draws people from all over the country.

In 2019, the dates are Thursday, October 3 through Sunday, October 6, from sunup to sundown. The sale will feature thousands of vendors–mostly local residents but also out-of-towners who arrive yearly to sell specialty goods. Once described as "a yard sale on steroids" by the organization's Facebook page, the event is much more than just a yard sale, since it includes food vendors, craft demonstrations, and special events at local businesses.

History of the Highway 60 Yard Sale

The annual roadside garage sale has been going on for so long that the exact year it began has become a mystery, said Maggie Duncan of the Grayson Area Chamber of Commerce. Through the years, several areas have become recognized for crowded conditions as vendors and shoppers alike take advantage of wide spots and parking lots along the mostly rural route. “Just be careful when you are pulling in and out of anywhere,” Duncan said.

Have Fun, But Use Caution

If you are planning to sell your wares during the event, always check with the property owner before setting up shop. But, whether you are shopping or selling, there are plenty of restaurants and hotels along the highway, as well as gas stations and convenience markets. The event is held no matter what the weather, so don't let rain dampen your enthusiasm. One year, even organizers handed out umbrellas to visitors, according to one organizer, Norma Gatten.

Other Attractions

In addition to eateries and hotels, western Kentucky offers plenty of interesting places to explore if you need a break from bargain-hunting. So, take some time to enjoy the local attractions. You can visit Abraham Lincoln's birthplaceexplore Amish Country or dip your own bottle of bourbon at the Maker's Mark distillery.

Yard Sale Tips

Improve your chances of going home with a real treasure—at a great price—by following some basic yard-sale strategies.

  • Learn the top 10 yard sale-shopping tips before you go.
  • Once you're on the road, keep an eye out for yard sale signs marking off-highway sales.
  • Watch for clustered sales in parking lots and fields.
  • Practice your haggling skills before you go and pack your yard sale tool kit.
  • Dress in layers so you can add or remove pieces according to the temperature. Wear comfortable shoes.

Contact Information

The 2019 local county organizers for the sale include:

  • Meade County: Carole Logsdon 270-422-3626 clogsdon@meadekychamber.org
  • Breckinridge County: Veronica Ent 270-756-0268 breckcountychamber@bbtel.com
  • Hancock County: Pat Wheatley 270-295-6772 ptw@tds.net
  • Daviess County: Dave Kirk 270-926-1100 dave@visitowensboro.com
  • Henderson County: Madeline Fritz 270-826-3128 madeline@hendersonky.org
  • Union County: Paul Monsour 270-952-1191 paul.monsour@unioncountyky.org
  • Crittenden County: Michele Edwards 270-965-5015 michele@marionkentucky.org
  • Livingston County: Michele Edwards 270-965-5015 michele@marionkentucky.org

For more information about the Hiwy 60 Yard Sale, call (270) 952-1191.