Highway 61 Yard Sale in Missouri

shopper at a highway yard sale
Steven Puetzer/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Treasure hunt along old Route 61 in Missouri each September at the Highway 61 Yard Sale. Shoppers sometimes call it the 61 Mile Yard Sale because that's the approximate distance of the route, which spans from Jackson to Bloomsdale. Started to drive traffic to local businesses along the route, the Highway 61 Yard Sale now features up to 300 individual yard sales each year. 

The Route

  • Jackson, Missouri to Bloomsdale, Missouri
  • Approximately 61 miles along Route 61

Dates and Times:

  • Thursday through Saturday of Labor Day Weekend
  • Most sellers start by 7:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday

Highway 61 Yard Sale Shopping Tips

  • Watch for both yard sales and yard sale signs as you drive the route. Some signs may point the way to off-highway sales, especially as you're passing through participating towns. Not all sellers live right on Highway 61.
  • You may see group sales in fields, empty lots, and the parking lots of business along the route.
  • Brush up on your yard sale skills before you head to the sale.
  • September in Missouri is hot. Pack a cooler full of water, slather on the sunscreen, and have your car's air conditioner checked before you leave for the sale.
  • When you pull over for a sale that's right on the route, be cautious about where you park. Make sure you're all the way off the highway. Even parking on the shoulder isn't safe.

Selling at the Highway 61 Yard Sale

  • Make sure you have big, bright, easy-to-spot signage at your sale, even if you're right on the route. It's hard to watch for yard sales while keeping your eyes safely on the road.
  • Show organizers invite you to publicize your sale during the event by posting the details on the Highway 61 Yard Sale Facebook page.

If you want to sell at the Highway 61 Yard Sale but don't live along the route, there are a handful of available options:

  • Check with the Chamber of Commerce in the county where you live — or in the one where you'd like to set up and sell. They may have a list of people renting spaces for group sales.
  • Ask a local business along the route about setting up in the parking lot. Or,
  • Check your county tax assessor's office for the owner's name and mailing address if you know of an empty field. 
  • Post on the Highway 61 Yard Sale Facebook page for someone who is willing to rent or share selling space along the route.