Highway 75 King of Trails Market Day in Minnesota - Luverne to Hallock

King of Trails market day dates, details, and tips

shoppers at outdoor antique sale
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Hunt for antiques and collectibles amidst enchanting scenery and small-town charm at western Minnesota’s Highway 75 King of Trails Market Day. Held each September since 2003, the King of Trails Market Day covers more than 400 miles of the Historic Highway 75 Scenic Byway.

The Route

  • Luverne, Minnesota to Hallock, Minnesota
  • Western Minnesota from the top to the bottom of the state
  • More than 400 miles along the Historic Highway 75 Scenic Byway

Dates and Times

  • Held annually on the second Saturday of September
  • 2018 Date: September 8
  • Official sale times are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Along the Way

  • Enjoy Highway 75 Market Day activities in cities of Kennedy, Stephen, Argyle, Crookston, Breckenridge, Georgetown, Ortonsville, Canby, Lake Benton, Warren, Hallock, and Pipestone.
  • In addition to antiques, vintage items, and collectibles, expect to see handmade crafts, fresh produce, cut flowers, and baked goods for sale along the way.
  • Call (800) 336-6125 to order a Historic Highway 75 Visitor's Guide with information on festivals, historic sites, and natural attractions along the route.

Highway 75 King of Trails Market Day Shopping Tips

  • You may see more craft tents and professional antique vendors than an individual yard and garage sales held at sellers' homes. That means you need to be prepared to haggle. Practice these haggling phrases in the car if you're new to negotiating on price.
  • Don't take photos of handmade arts and crafts items without asking the seller's permission. Some won't mind at all, but some will. 
  • Watch for signs pointing to some off-highway yard sales as you travel through the towns on the route. Not all sellers live right on the highway.
  • Ask for the seller's card at antique tents where you really like the merchandise, especially if you live in the state. The vendor may set up regular shop at a local antique mall or shop.

Selling at the Highway 75 King of Trails Market Day

  • Call (800) 336-6125 to rent selling space along the route during the Highway 75 King of Trails Market Day.

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