Highway Yard Sales to Shop in Fall

One of the several highway yard sales spread across America this summer.

Randy Parker/The Daily Tribune News

If you consider yourself a treasure hunter, you probably already know that September is a hugely popular month for highway yard sales. These types of events often span several counties or states, allowing shoppers to cruise for miles, visit hundreds of vendors, and see the best of what is being offered.

Use this guide as your roadmap (literally) to scoring finds like used furniture, beautiful artwork, and desirable antiques, and more—all shoppable from the comfort of your own car. Here are 12 highway yard sale spots you shouldn't miss.

Highway 31W

Spanning from Louisville, Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee, the Highway 31W Treasure Hunt/Yard Sale is held every year on the second weekend in September. While the miles-long market has built up a reputation all its own, the highway itself also boasts a storied history. It first began as a trail for buffalo and Native Americans before welcoming stagecoach in 1826 and eventually becoming Kentucky's first paved highway.

Also known as the Dixie Highway, 31W boasts loads of vendors big and small, from formal shops to amateur sellers set up on their own front lawns. When you need a break from all the shopping, stop for food or hit up one of the many historic Civil War sites along the route. For more information, call (270) 670-3741 or plan your visit using their map page.

Antique Alley Texas

Antique Alley Texas comprises the distance between Cleburne and Maypearl. While it may not be the biggest or longest antique and yard sale trail on the list, it's definitely one of the most exciting. In addition to lots of your typical flea market finds (like home decor, antiques, and collectibles), you'll also spot tons of vintage clothing and community events along the route. Antique Alley Texas takes place every April and September on the third weekend of the month. Keep your eyes peeled for southern-inspired finds like state flags, Western boots, and more. For additional more information, call (817) 666-5024 or visit their Facebook page.

Bargain Highway 30 Mile Yard Sale

Come Labor Day weekend, a 30-mile stretch of Highway 70 and Highway 641 in western Tennessee transforms into a veritable treasure hunter's paradise. Commonly known as the Bargain Highway 30 Mile Yard Sale, this popular festival in Benton County has persisted for over two decades and boasts finds like used clothing, household antiques, collectibles, and more. For more information, call the Benton County Chamber of Commerce at (731) 584-8395 or visit their official website.

Highway 411 Yard Sale

You can bargain hunt across three states thanks to the Highway 411 Yard Sale, which runs from Leeds, Alabama to Knoxville, Tennessee. Held annually since 2003, the route spans more than 250 miles and provides participants with keepsake-worthy finds as well as plenty of food and fun. Another perk: the route takes you right through the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where you can marvel at the scenic fall beauty the landscape provides. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Highway 54 Yard Sale

Western Kentucky's Highway 54 Yard Sale gives you two chances to treasure hunt each year, with official events held in both May and September (though exact dates can vary). The 50-mile highway yard sale route runs from Owensboro to Leitchfield and grants participants a chance to score every imaginable type of good. For more information on exact sale locations, visit their Facebook page.

Highway 60 Yard Sale

The annual Highway 60 Yard Sale in Western Kentucky takes place each fall, typically on the first weekend in October. The event spans eight counties and includes approximately 200 miles of sales where visitors can score the usual market finds, as well as delicious food and live entertainment. For more information, visit their Facebook page, or call (270) 952-1191.

Highway 61 Yard Sale

Shop more than 60 miles (and more than 300 vendors) at the Highway 61 Yard Sale in Missouri. Running from Jackson to Bloomsdale, the market is held annually on the long weekend before Labor Day. Participating yard sales typically open at sunrise and sell until sunset. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Highway 75 King of Trails Market Day

Western Minnesota's Highway 75 King of Trails Market Day spans over 400 miles from Luverne to Hallock. Held annually on the second Saturday in September, it features the typical assortment of antique and vintage items, as well as lots of yummy finds like fresh baked goods and local fruits and vegetables. The official southern starting/stopping point is Hubble Creek Antiques, in Jackson and the official northern starting/stopping point is Festus. For more information, call (218) 281-4320 or visit their Facebook page.

Kan-Okla 100 Mile Highway Sale

Treasure hunt in two states at the Kan-Okla 100 Mile Highway Sale. The annual event takes place in the middle of September in numerous participating towns in Kansas and Oklahoma, where visitors can hit up over 65 booths. For more information, email KanOklaHighwaysale.att.net or visit their Facebook page.

Rollercoaster Yard Sale

Enjoy an autumn weekend twisting along the 150-mile route of the Rollercoaster Yard Sale in Kentucky and Tennessee. The annual highway yard sale takes place on the first full weekend in October and includes individual vendors, as well as larger group vendors in various business parking lots. Visit their website for a map of all participants and directions. For additional updates, visit their Facebook page,

U.S. HWY 36 Treasure Hunt

The U.S. HWY 36 Treasure Hunt features yard sales all across northern Kansas, reaching from border to border. Held annually on the third weekend in September, the 400-mile route includes yard sales, flea markets, local food vendors, and community events in participating cities. For more information, email ushwy36@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page.

Warrensburg Garage Sale

Savor autumn in the Adirondacks while visiting the Warrensburg Garage Sale. Known as the "World's Largest Garage Sale," the Warrensburg, New York event plays host to over 500 vendors each October with antiques, vintage clothing, crafts, and food all for sale. Warrensburg runs a bus service for free to all Garage Sale visitors that travels to both Main Street sales as well as all residential sales. Riders can get on and off at designated stops along the route and ride back to the Warren County Fairgrounds parking lot once they've had their fill of treasure hunting. For more information, visit their Facebook page.