How to Hire a Senior Move Manager to Help with Seniors Moving

LWA/Dann Tardif/Blend Images/Getty Images.

If you're a senior and have to move households, you may want to consider hiring a senior move manager to help you with sorting and packing your things in particular if it's been a long time since your previous move and you've collected a lot of stuff.  It might also be necessary to hire a professional if you are not only moving but moving into a smaller home and have to downsize. Downsizing and sorting through your things can be stressful and overwhelming but a professional move manager may be able to help.

Before you hire someone to help with your move, you should read more about senior move managers to determine if it's a service you'll need.  Once you decide to hire, make sure you ask the following questions so you hire the best person for your particular move.

1. What is your experience as a senior move manager?

You want to find out how long they've been working in the profession and how many moves they've successfully completed. Ask them to give you specific examples of moves they've done, including some that were complicated or required more work than expected. 

It's important to assess if the person will be able to follow through with your move. If you have any specific issues, ask about their ability to handle the same kind of situation. For example, if you have an attic full of documents and you're not sure how to decide what's important to keep and to throw away, then ask them about their experience with this type of move.

2. What are the range of services you provide?

If the senior move manager works for an agency, then they'll list their services on the company website. If you're hiring someone directly, then you'll need to know what they will and won't do. Most senior move managers will do everything from sorting through every drawer, closet and corner of your home to helping you get rid of stuff you don't want to packing your things, hiring the movers and helping you settle in.


But before you start your hunt for a senior move manager, make sure you know what services you need help with and what you don't need so you know what type of services have to be able to provide.

3. How much do your services cost?

They should provide you with a written estimate of what your move will cost, including detailing all the steps involved and what each phase of the move will cost.  Make sure you get an estimate before you agree to hire.

You should also ask if they charge per hour or per service or as a lump sum for all services provided. Ideally, they should be able to cost out your move so you're able to determine where to cut costs if needed. Also ask them how payment is arranged, that is, do you need to pay a portion of the total cost before they start?

4. Can I hire you to do part of my move?

To save money, you may decide to hire the person to help with the most difficult part of the move but not for some of the tasks you can manage yourself. Most senior move managers can be hired for just specific tasks. For instance, you may need help with packing your home, but you don't need them to find and hire movers for you

5. Are you fully insured for liability and workers' compensation?

It's critical that they are fully insured in case of injury on the job.

They should also show you proof of insurance before you hire.

6. Can you provide references of previous clients?

While this isn't a guarantee that you'll be happy with the service they provide, they should be able to provide you with contact information of clients they've helped. If they hesitate in giving you references, be careful about hiring them.