Magic Green Homes: A Hobbit House You Can Build in Three Days

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    You Can Easily Build This Hobbit-Styled Tiny House

    Green Magic Homes

    This adorable prefab by Magic Green Homes is a 400-square foot hobbit home that absolutely anyone can build in only three days.

    Just as ah-mazing, these seemingly magical abodes are super energy-efficient. They can nearly zero out your monthly utility costs.

    There's more you need to know about these Hobbit-styled dwellings.

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    What's an Earth Shelter?

    Hobbit House
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    First off, constructing a Hobbit-styled house similar to the ones you've seen in those Tolkien flicks using organic is no easy feat.

    Structures like these, which have been around for hundreds of years, are called "earth shelters" because they are built partially underground, and they rely on soil and plants to regulate indoor temperature. 

    Unfortunately, buildings like these are difficult to waterproof and adequately ventilate using contemporary construction materials without...MORE sacrificing the structure's energy efficiency benefits.

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    The Magical Hard Shell

    Green Magic Homes

    Enter Green Magic Homes. They have developed a modular home building system that modernizes the humble earth shelter using vaulted panels. They are made from a special laminate designed to collaborate with an earth covering. Not only do these panels enhance thermal stability, but they also contribute to the support and strength of the finished house.

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    Wicked Fast Installation

    Green Magic Homes

    So what makes these structures so easy and fast to assemble?

    Two words: perforated flaps.

    They make it a snap to attach and seal the vaulted panels together. A 400 square foot module can be built in three days using three people with zero construction skills and no heavy equipment. Also, channels and ducts for plumbing and electrical stuff can be added at any point during the assembly process.

    But here's the frosting on the cake. These tiny dome-shaped homes may be adapted to suit any region....MORE Furthermore, they can be personalized based on your housing needs. Expanding your square footage is also easy as pie because you can add one or more modules to an existing Green Magic Home.

    Currently, Green Magic Homes has one distributor in the US. To learn more about costs and features or to view addition photos visit their site.