Freeze Ahead Holiday Appetizer and Beverage Recipes

Sausage Cheese Balls
Sausage Cheese Balls. Linda Larsen

Appetizers and drinks are really a necessity for the holidays. There's no better way to welcome guests into your home than to offer a tray of delicious warm appetizers pulled fresh from the oven, paired with a delicious cold drink. Have some appetizers and drinks stored in your freezer for instant entertaining. There's no better way to serve guests during the holidays!

You can freeze many appetizers that aren't on the list, but experiment before you do.

Make a recipe you'd like to freeze and serve it. Don't bake a few of the appetizers. Instead, wrap them in freezer-safe materials, and freeze for a week or so. Then bake a few straight from the freezer, and thaw (in the fridge only!) and bake a couple of others. Taste and compare! If the recipe is still delicious, include it in your collection of freezable appetizers. And make a note about the best thawing and re-heating instructions.

These beverages are all frozen, so they don't need any tinkering!

Enjoy these easy and delicious appetizers and beverages, knowing you're prepared for any occasion!

Freeze Ahead Holiday Appetizer and Beverage Recipes

  • Shrimp Puffs
    This delicious tidbit is kind of like Shrimp Scampi in one bite! Crisp bread holds a creamy, cheesy mixture of shrimp, garlic, and lemon. This is one of my favorite appetizers.
  • Mini Quiches
    Mushrooms and Swiss cheese are the filling for these tiny quiches. You can use other ingredients for the filling; think about using cooked shrimp, cubed ham, other sauteed vegetables, or just lots of cheese!
  • Jalapeno Poppers
    Just like from your favorite restaurant! You can make these as spicy or mild as you like by using Pepper Jack or Monterey Jack cheese, adjusting the amount of chili powder, and seeding or not seeding the peppers. (Jalapeno pepper seeds have tons of capsaicin, the compound that makes the little peppers hot.)
  • Sausage Cheese Balls
    These little balls are packed full of flavor from the sausage and Colby cheese. There's no butter or shortening in this recipe - the sausage provides all the fat!
  • Banana Slush Punch
    This is my favorite punch recipe, even though it's kind of a pain to prepare. Straining the banana mixture takes some time, but it's really necessary for the best flavor and texture. This punch is so good!
  • Strawberry Daiquiris
    Homemade Strawberry Daiquiris are something special. This easy make ahead recipe is very delicious.