Free Holiday Crossword Puzzles

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These standard, American-style crossword puzzles all have themes related to various holiday celebrations. Solve them online or print and solve them on paper.

  • 'Color My World Green' Crossword Puzzle: For St. Patrick's Day, a crossword puzzle with a 'green' theme.
  • Holiday Hunt Crossword Puzzle: Celebrate the pascal season with a good, old-fashioned egg hunt.
  • 'Go Green' Crossword: For Earth Day, here's a crossword puzzle with an environmental theme. Happy puzzling!
  • 'Bye, Bye Teacher!' Crossword Puzzle: School's out at last! It's time to relax and solve this crossword puzzle with a topical theme.
  • First of July Crossword Puzzle: July 1st, Canada's national holiday, is the focus of this crossword puzzle.
  • Fourth of July Crossword Puzzle: Here's a crossword celebrating Independence Day. As a bonus, the puzzle contains diagonal entries that spell out two timely phrases.
  • "Teacher's Pet" Crossword Puzzle: Now that classes have begun, it's time to relax and enjoy this "elementary" crossword puzzle. Happy puzzling!
  • 'Fright Night' Crossword Puzzle: Here's a spooky crossword puzzle to get you in the mood for Halloween.
  • 'A Tricky Treat' Crossword Puzzle: Solve the Halloween crossword puzzle and then see if you can guess the secret word. By Harvey Estes.
  • 'Family Time' Crossword Puzzle: Here's a holiday crossword puzzle to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.
  • 'Seasonal VIP' Crossword Puzzle: See if you can find the celebrity featured in this Christmas crossword puzzle.
  • Christmas Crossword Puzzle: Here's a holiday crossword puzzle with three timely entries. Happy puzzling!
  • Christmas Crossword Puzzle #2: For some puzzling holiday fun, a themed crossword puzzle to get you into the Christmas spirit.
  • New Year's Crossword Puzzle: Here's a seasonal crossword puzzle to ring in the New Year! Solve online or on paper.

Here's an eclectic selection of themed crossword puzzles for you to enjoy. Solve online, in AcrossLite, or print and solve on paper.

Featured Crossword Puzzle: 1951 Crossword Puzzle
What do Bob Geldof, Phil Collins and Sting have in common besides a successful musical career? They were all born in 1951. So, happy 60th birthday to them and everybody else born in the year that saw the first direct dial coast-to-coast telephone service in the United States.

Now solve this crossword puzzle and discover more about MCMLI.

Free Crosswords

Here's a selection of cryptic crossword puzzles for you to enjoy.

  • January Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: An entertaining puzzle with two diagonal entries. Can you solve it
  • February Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: Here's a cryptic crossword with a hearty theme. The four entries bordering the grid are topical. Solve on your computer or print and solve at your leisure.
  • March Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: March Cryptic Crossword by Will DaBeed. Solve this cryptic crossword with a 'green' theme.
  • April Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: By Will DaBeed. Bonus Clue: Shaded outer squares and center square will spell out the title and author.
  • June Cryptic Crossword: A timely message is hidden in this cryptic crossword by the enigmatic Will DaBeed.
  • July Cryptic Crossword Puzzle '99: By Will DaBeed. Please note that the enumerations do not reflect hyphenated words. There are three hyphenated solution words in the puzzle.
  • Yuletide Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: A seasonal cryptic crossword from one of Santa's favorite puzzle creators. See if you can solve the bonus clue!
  • New Year's Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: Ring out the old and ring in the new with this themed cryptic crossword.
  • January Cryptic Crossword Puzzle: An entertaining puzzle with two diagonal entries. Can you solve it?

More Cryptic Crosswords

  • Crooner's Cryptic Crossword Puzzle
  • Norm Pleszkoch's Cryptic Crossword
  • Will DaBeed's Cryptic Crossword Puzzle #1
  • More Cryptics

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Free Crossword Puzzles

Unthemed crossword puzzles by Dave Fisher. Solve online or print and solve. Can you think of an 8-letter answer for What Archie might call Meathead? (3 wds.) Here's an unthemed 13x13 crossword puzzle of medium difficulty. You can solve it on your computer (online or offline) or print it out and solve it at the kitchen table.

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