Short-Term Jobs for College Students Over the Holidays

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    asian woman babysitting

    Families with both parents working often scramble to find childcare during school vacations. With the national average pay for babysitters around $13.50 an hour, taking care of children is a lucrative, and enjoyable, way to make extra money during winter break. Get the word out sooner than later that you are looking for babysitting jobs and chances are someone you know will be in need of help. If things go well, you might find that you have a summer job as a full time nanny waiting for you when...MORE you get home after the school year is over - wouldn't that be great! 

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    Petsitting or Dog Walking


    Lots of people travel over the holidays, and pet care is always a concern for families with beloved animals, from Goldfish to Great Danes. Caring for pets is an excellent way to earn extra money, while leaving time free to enjoy your family, too. Some pet sitters bring animals into their homes, while others visit pets a few times a day for play, care and feeding. There are also families that prefer to have someone stay in the home with the pet while they are away. A good pet sitter is always in...MORE demand, so making a good impression can lead to other lucrative opportunities.

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    Temp Work

    Office Christmas

    Sign up with a temp agency to do seasonal or other day rate work while you're on winter break. Temp agencies can have all kinds of jobs that need to be filled, from office work to retail help. Temp work is also a good way to get a feel for how businesses run and what you enjoy in a work environment, which can be helpful for when you're looking for a job after college graduation. Establishing a good reputation with a temp agency will lead to other opportunities when you are on break from...MORE school, freeing up time that you might have spent in search of a job during the school year for summer break.

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    Seasonal Retail Work

    Young woman retail

    Stores are often looking for extra help over the holidays to do everything from selling merchandise to wrapping gifts. Check job boards and company websites starting in October to see what is available while you are on vacation. After the holidays many stores do their inventory, and will need help for that as well. Bonus: an employee discount for shopping for holiday gifts.

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    Seasonal Shipping Work

    shipping clerk

    Online shopping is fast leaving in-store shopping behind as the preferred method to purchase just about anything. Companies like UPS, Federal Express and Amazon are overloaded during the holidays, and may need temporary workers to help with the huge amount of packages and mail that are sent during November and December. If you're willing to work off-hours, you can make extra money as well. 

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    academic tutor

    Use your education and expertise to help others by offering your services as a tutor. From elementary school to college, there are students who need help. Whatever your strength, you can make some money by guiding others through the process of understanding Calculus, English Literature or Organic Chemistry.

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    Young woman intern

    Finding an internship for the few weeks of winter break may not be easy, but it's a good way to enhance your resume and get some solid work experience, as well as making connections for future job opportunities. The best way to find an internship is often through a personal connection, so don't be shy about contacting people who are connected to people in positions that interest you about opportunities for internships. You may have to take an unpaid position, but if you get in with a...MORE company that is interesting to you it will be worth the time spent. An unpaid few weeks over winter break can lead to a paid internship during the summer. A paid internship has been shown to lead to a job more than half of the time. 

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    Young woman volunteering

    If making money is not a priority, spending your winter break volunteering to help others is a great way to feel like you're making a difference and changing people's lives. You can give your time to a soup kitchen, a home for the elderly, your place of worship, or a pet adoption service. Giving back during the holidays, and anytime, is always an enriching experience.