8 Holiday Party Punch Recipes

Spice Up the Holidays with a Spirited Punch

There are many holiday parties to attend each year and if you're hosting one, consider serving a punch to take some of the hassle out of the drink service. There are many punch recipes that you can choose from, though if you are looking for something extraordinary to impress your guests, give one of these a try.

Filled with the favorite flavors of the season, some of these punches are chilled, others are warm, and a couple have a surprising twist or two that will keep your guests in awe of...MORE the flavors you pulled together. Have fun with these and browse through a few because there are some great garnish ideas held within as well.

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    Christina Karl's Winter Warmer Mulled Sangria Cocktail
    Christina Karl's Winter Warmer Mulled Sangria. Photo Courtesy: © Christina Karl

    Sangria meets mulled wine in a fantastic, new recipe that is one of the comfiest punches you can mix up. It's a warm, fruity delight that your guests will love.

    Jagermeister Spice and PAMA are the spirits of choice in this recipe and we cannot forget the red wine. On top of that, you will find fresh cranberries and pomegranate as well as a juice blend with both fruits. Toss in some traditional mulling spices and your party is complete.

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    Centennial Punch - Stranton Social
    The Centennial Punch is perfect for winter parties, bringing in a tropical fruit feel and it all begins with pineapple-infused whiskey. Photo Courtesy: © Stranton Social

    For a smaller gathering, this Centennial Punch is delightful and I enjoy the idea of bringing a tropical fruit like pineapple into the holiday season - it adds an unexpected flair to the occasion.

    You will need to begin early as the key ingredients are a pineapple-infused whiskey and coriander-pineapple syrup, which you will want to begin at least one day in advance. Once you have those, it's a simple mix and serve punch that will delight your snowbound guests.

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    Hot Gold Apple Cider
    Heat this Hot Gold Apple Cider all day long to fill your house with a beautiful spiced aroma. Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

    A personal favorite, my Hot Gold Apple Cider will fill your home with the comforting scents of the season and give you a great drink at the same time.

    It is a simple mix of rum, cinnamon schnapps, and apple cider, mixed with a few holiday-worthy spices. Leave it on the stove to warm throughout the day and allow guests to ladle it up as they please.

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    JMW's Poinsettia Punch Cocktail - Jason Westplate
    A new take on a favorite holiday drink, JMW's Poinsettia Punch is a great drink for one or many. Paolo Cipriani/E+/Getty Images

    There are a number of variations on the Poinsettia Punch and this is a modern take that you're sure to love. The recipe is written for a single cocktail, but it can be quickly transformed into a party-worthy punch.

    It's quite lovely and uses Hendrick's Gin, Chambord, cinnamon syrup, and allspice dram. Finish it off with a few clove-studded lemons if you like and you have a wonderful punch for an office party.

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    Texas Farm Nog
    Bring tequila into your eggnog this holiday season and enjoy a fantastic cocktail. Photo Courtesy: © Kimpton Restaurants

    Eggnog is a holiday favorite and we cannot help but share this delightful, farm-fresh take on tradition. The Texas Farm Nog is a made-from-scratch eggnog that relies heavily on fresh ingredients and the list almost looks like you're putting together a cream pie: egg, sugar, milk, whipping cream.

    It is, however, the tequila and the sherry that takes it to a whole new level and makes it a ​nog that almost everyone is going to enjoy. 

    Again, it's written for a single drink, but can easily be...MORE converted for any size of party.

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    Palin's Christmas Punch
    Palin's Christmas Punch is as 'piney' a punch as you can get and it is fantastic for holiday parties. Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

    If your holiday party calls for a truly aromatic punch filled with pine and juniper, this is a great option.

    Palin's Christmas Punch is packed with flavor, including a great gin, Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur (as interesting as it sounds), absinthe, a DIY date syrup, and, of course, Champagne. It takes some effort, but your guests will surely appreciate everything you put into it.

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    Mulled Pomegranate Warmer
    Mulled Pomegranate Warmer. Joy Skipper / Photolibarray / Getty Images

    A modern twist on the traditional mulled wine, this Mulled Pomegranate Warmer brings one of our favorite liqueurs into the mix.

    PAMA brings in a great pomegranate flavor that pairs perfectly with your favorite red wine. The seasonal spices bring it all together, creating a warm punch your guests will love.

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    Hendrick's Gin and an Old Sydney Town Punch
    Warm up your winter parties with a steaming bowl of a Hot Gin Punch. These aromatic recipes are sure to delight everyone. Photo Courtesy: Hendrick's Gin

    Warm gin is both aromatic and intriguing on the palate and we have two hot gin punch recipes for you to choose from.

    One feature Hendrick's Gin with a Madiera wine, a little pineapple and citrus, and those wonderful spices we love in the winter. The other reaches back to an old-school gin in Bols Genever and also features those citrus fruits and signature spices.

    Both punch recipes are fantastic. It's actually more difficult to choose between the two than it is to make either.