Holland Legacy LS Gas Grill- Discontinued

Holland Legacy LS Gas Grill
Holland Legacy LS Gas Grill. Holland Grills

The Bottom Line

This model has been discontinued. It is replaced by The Holland Grill Apex Model# BH421SS5.

This is a unique grill. There is a complete separation of the burner from the cooking area that guarantees no flare-ups. While this might not sound like a real grill, you should try telling that to someone who owns one. This grill has one of the most loyal followings in the industry.

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  • Guaranteed no flare-ups
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain
  • Solid construction with stainless steel components


  • Holland style grilling separates the flame from the food.


  • Single 19,500 BTU cast iron burner guaranteed for the life of the grill.
  • Works as a grill, smoker and steamer.
  • No flare-up guarantee or your money back.
  • Made from aluminumized metal and stainless steel.
  • 25 year limited warranty

Guide Review - Holland Legacy

The best way to describe how this grill works is to tell you how it's built. First of all, you have a single circular cast iron burner, controlled by a two position valve: on and off. The control valve is factory set to the correct BTU output. Above the burner is a heavy cast iron plate that distributes the heat. Above that is a single piece of sheet metal that completely separates the burner chamber from the cooking chamber. Hence, no grease can get to an open flame to cause a flare-up.

The cooking chamber is heated by radiate heat. On top of the grill are two smoke stacks. By opening or closing the stacks you can adjust the cooking temperature from a low, smoking temperature, to a high grilling temperature.

Okay, so this doesn't sound like most grills you've seen before. That's because it isn't.

You don't get direct exposure to the flame, but that doesn't mean it only does indirect grilling. With the stacks closed this grill gets plenty hot. It is also very well built and would probably last longer than you will. If this style of grilling sounds good to you then I would wholeheartedly recommend this grill. It really is a great unit, but it's different.

I think that the greatest recommendation that a product can get is from its loyal owners. Holland has a following that's almost scary. People who have this grill love it and never go back to traditional grills. They'd buy another one, if the need ever arose.

You can now add an infrared searing side burner to this grill for around $300. This is definitely an upgrade to consider.

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