Hollywood Regency Style Bedroom Ideas

Hollywood Regency style primary bedroom decor

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

It's a celebration of all things glitz and glamour―the Hollywood Regency decorating style came into being during the heyday of Hollywood’s larger-than-life movie stars in the 1930s. It’s not a look known for subtlety, nor is it for those who prefer simple or minimalistic rooms. Instead, it’s all about turning the space into a showpiece of luxury, style, and personality.

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    Attention to Detail

    Courtesy of Focus Features

    This bedroom set from the 2008 movie, “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,” shows off many hallmarks of the Hollywood Regency decorating theme. The lavish fabrics, mirrored surfaces, tassels and embellishments, and elaborate wallpaper all reflect the attention to detail that is an important part of this decorating style.

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    Hollywood Regency Loves to Shine

    Purple Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: Peg Berens Interior Design

    In today’s take on Hollywood Regency, the overall glitz is dialed down a notch or two, but the glamour remains. In this bedroom from Peg Berens Interior Design, the lines of the space are clean and simple, but the copious amounts of shine in everything from the fireplace surround to the bedding to the window treatments is pure Hollywood.

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    Red and White Hollywood Regency Bedroom

    Red and white Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: Dkor Interiors

    One thing’s for sure; Hollywood Regency isn’t a decorating style for the bashful or retiring. Here, Dkor Interiors really lets loose with a bright red and white room fit for a movie star – or anyone who just wants to feel like a movie star. The lavishly tufted and upholstered wall, the enormous mirror, the detailing on the ceiling, and the styling of the walls and doors are all typical of this over-the-top look.

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    Hollywood Regency With an Asian Influence

    Asian influenced Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: Domicile Interior Design

    While glamour and attention to detail are essentials of the Hollywood Regency theme, it isn’t a look that is bound to any one style of furniture or accessories. In fact, it’s a rather eclectic decorating style, as shown in this room from Domicile Interior Design. The Asian influence adds lots of style and interest, while the touches of metallic gold keep the glamour pumping.

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    Lavender Hollywood Regency Bedroom

    Lavender Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: Decoist

    This feminine bedroom, a study in lavender, shows off many Hollywood regency trademarks. The tufted, upholstered bed, the tassels on pillows and throw blanket, the metallic accents, and the ornate wallpaper is all very typical of the look.

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    Black and White Hollywood Regency Bedroom

    black and white bedroom
    Photo: Atmosphere Interior Design

    While there is no “official” color scheme in the Hollywood Regency style, black and white is a very popular combo. In this glamorous and contemporary room from Atmosphere Interior Design, the power of a limited palette is quite evident.  

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    Metallic Shine in the Hollywood Regency Style

    Silver tufted headboard
    Photo: Simone Alisa

    Decorator Simone Alisa shows off the power of metal in this glamorous bedroom. Notice that despite the all-eyes-here appeal of the oversize, silvery, tufted upholstered headboard, and the two mirrored dressers, the room is actually quite open and airy. Hollywood Regency is not a cluttered or fussy style; it just appreciates fine detail and the more expensive (or at least, expensive appearing) things in life.

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    Hollywood Regency Teen Girl's Bedroom

    Teen girl glamorous bedroom
    Photo: Decoist

    Hollywood Regency isn’t just for grownups; it’s actually a wonderful style for a preteen or teen girl who already knows she was born to be a star. Here, a show-stopping bedroom shows off all sorts of glamorous touches: the silver headboard, the bold black-and-white artwork above the bed, the bright pink edging around the large mirrors, the ceiling chandelier, and the metallic touches on the nightstands are all wonderful elements of the style. 

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    Golden Hollywood Regency Bedroom

    Gold luxurious Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: Decoist

    Most contemporary bedrooms add today's touch to the Hollywood Regency style, but this bedroom plays up the glamour of yesterday to the hilt. The golden color scheme, lavish headboard, ruffled and draped window treatments, ornate ceiling fixture, and curved, elaborate lines of the furniture all harken back to the style's origins in the 1930s.

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    Mirrors in the Hollywood Regency Style

    Mirrors in Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: Lonny

    One hallmark of Hollywood Regency style is the use of mirrors—often very large mirrors, but sometimes a collection of smaller pieces, as in this gorgeous bedroom found on Lonny.com. The gold frames around the mirrors and the headboard add further glamour to this expensive looking space.

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    Hollywood Regency Done Right

    Glamorous bedroom with mirrors
    Photo: RSVP Design Services

    "WOW." That’s got to be the most common exclamation upon first sight of this glamour-goes-larger-than-life bedroom from RSVP Design Services. The space is so stunning that it’s hard to know where to start. The chandelier, the silky bedding, the beautiful mirrored wall, the elegant style of the bench and the night tables, the fun shaggy throw pillow… sheer perfection.

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    Hollywood Regency Gets Seductive

    Gorgeous bedroom with tufted upholstered wall
    Photo: Habachy Designs

    In this bedroom from Habachy Designs, glamour mixes it up with a bit of sexiness. The dark walls and floor amplify the glamour of the silvery, pale gray bed with its oversize headboard, and the lovely ceiling light fixture adds an extra dose of wow to the space. Lovely.  

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    Wallpaper Is a Hollywood Regency Standard

    Gold wallpaper in master bedroom
    Photo: Decoist

    Wallpaper is a common fixture of the Hollywood Regency style. And if that wallpaper has metallic shine, as in the room featured here, all the better. The mirrored drawers and lavishly tufted headboard are also very typical to the theme.

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    Try a Tray in Your Glamorous Bedroom

    Pretty tray on vanity
    Photo: Lonny

    Want to give your bedroom an easy and useful touch of Hollywood glam? Just add a pretty tray to your dresser top, and use it to corral jewelry, perfume bottles, and pretty grooming supplies, as in this photo from decorating site Lonny.com.

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    Luxurious Hollywood Regency Bedroom

    Glamorous bedroom with pink bed
    Photo: Janel Holiday Interior Design

    Moody, glamorous, sophisticated, feminine, sexy: all of these adjectives suit this gorgeous bedroom from Janel Holiday Interior Design. The lush fur, lux velvet, wonderful ceiling fixture, dark wall color, and elegant red-and-gold bench all come together into a space that is pure Hollywood glam perfection.

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    Hollywood Regency Accents

    contemporary Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: Lonny

    Today, you’ll often find just hints of Hollywood Regency style in an otherwise clean and contemporary bedroom. Case in point, this terrific space found on decorating site Lonny.com. The mirrored nightstands add just a bit of Hollywood style to a black-and-white, sophisticated room.   

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    Just a Touch of Hollywood Regency

    Big mirror in glamorous bedroom
    Photo: Amanda Carol Interiors

    It's more common to find small touches of Hollywood Regency in today's bedroom than a full-on commitment to the style. For example, this lovely bedroom from Amanda Carol Interiors shows off mirrored nightstands and a huge, ornately framed mirror leaning against the wall in a nod to glamour, but the space is mostly serenely sophisticated.

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    Bright Color and Hollywood Regency Style

    orange and white Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: Lonny

    While Hollywood Regency isn't limited to any one palette, it's often either a study in rich neutrals or a simple black-and-white scheme. But feel free to liven up either with a dose of bright color, as in this bedroom from Lonny.com.

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    Mirrored Nightstands

    Mirrored nightstand
    Photo: Tracey Ayton Photography

    Mirrors and shine are essential aspects of the Hollywood Regency style. In this bedroom, photographed by Tracey Ayton, clean white bedding is set off by the mirrored nightstands and silvered picture frames. The simple wooden lamp keeps the look under control, however. Perfect.

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    Tiny Hollywood Regency Bedroom

    Small Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: Kyle Knight Design

    Think a tiny bedroom can't be glamorous? Then think again, and let Kyle Knight Design show you how it's done in this gorgeous bedroom. The small chandelier, gold-framed mirrors, striped bench, ogee rug, and lavishly upholstered bed are bursting with style, and yet not overwhelming the admittedly very small space.

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    Today's Hollywood Regency Style

    Ornate headboard
    Photo: Greg Natale

    The bold wallpaper, black-and-white color scheme, and ornate touches of gold in this bedroom from designer Greg Natale show off today's Hollywood Regency at its finest.

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    Sedate Hollywood Regency

    Sophisticated Hollywood regency bedroom
    Photo: J and J Design Group

    Here's a bedroom that hints at Hollywood glamour without actually committing to the shine and luxe that are typically part of the style. From J and J Design, this elegantly glamorous room instead uses pattern and attention to detail for its overall expensive vibe.

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    Hollywood Regency Bedroom With Rustic Touches

    Glamorous bedroom with rustic beams
    Photo: Decorpad

    You don't often see rustic touches in a Hollywood Regency bedroom, but here, the two looks work together quite beautifully. Admittedly, that's because the rustic accents are limited to the ceiling beams; more than that, and the expensive elegance and glamour of Hollywood style would be lost.

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    Lacquered Furniture Is a Hollywood Regency Must

    Lacquered white bedside table
    Photo: Janet Rice Interiors

    Shiny, lacquered furniture is very popular in the Hollywood Regency style. In this bedroom from Janet Rice Interiors, a lovely lacquered vanity sits near a bed piled high with cozy bedding. Note the mirrored tray on the vanity; that's another hallmark of the Hollywood glam look.