The Home Accessory You Need From Amazon, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Best home accessory for your zodiac sign

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Choosing the ideal home accessory can be a daunting task at times. Whether to opt for neutral or bold, chic or rustic, functional or purely decorative, all the choices have to be taken into consideration to find what suits each of us best.

Whether you're a Virgo who has a tendency towards stylish storage, a Gemini who thrives on change, or an Aries who isn't afraid to make a big statement, there are plenty of ways our zodiac signs can influence not only our tastes but what pieces may be best suited for us at any given time.

Check out your zodiac sign below to see which home accessory you need to add to your home—all of which you can get from Amazon.

Worthwhile Goods Pink Red XL Banana Leaf Print Shower Curtain

Red banana leaf shower curtain



Bright hues, particularly in shades of red, tend to have an invigorating effect on you, Aries. While the bathroom is often a room that tends to lean toward neutral tones, it makes perfect sense that you would want to shake things up by incorporating a bright yet stunning addition, like this shower curtain. You are one of the zodiac trendsetters, after all.

Mixinni Vintage Style Garden Flower Queen Duvet Cover

Vintage-inspired floral duvet cover



When it comes to Taurean home decor, comfort must meet classic to pass the test. Often described as grounded, home decor that embraces neutral or nature-inspired tones and themes is often a win in your book—and a floral duvet cover is the perfect way to not only take care of your comforter but to add a little flair to your bedroom.

K&L Design Co. Bauhaus-Inspired Wall Art

Bauhaus-inspired wall art



Home decor should have an emphasis on flexibility and choice for you, Gemini. You know that you can't always change up your decor on a regular basis, but it does help to have a few pieces than can be easily swapped out, so a space feels fresh again. This is the reason wall art is such a game changer—especially when it comes in a stylish option like this midcentury modern print that can easily adapt to any room your heart desires.

Nuwallpaper Teal Darcy Peel & Stick Wallpaper, Blue

Teal peel and stick wallpaper



You want home decor to tie a room together without being too overpowering—which is why decorative wallpaper is a perfect staple for you. This particular damask pattern in shades of calming blue suits your personality well, and it makes a perfect backdrop for any other pieces of decor or furniture you might want to incorporate.

Ornavo Home Modern Round Velvet Storage Ottoman Foot Rest

Storage ottoman



Stylish, functional pieces will always be a win in your book, Leo. You want your accents and decor choices to encapsulate a stylish, polished look—and if it doesn't break the bank, even better. This gorgeous velvet ottoman is an ideal fit for your bedroom or living room, and its storage capabilities allow you to tuck away the smaller items you prefer not to have lying around in plain sight.

Nutriups Storage Glass Jar Set

Food storage glass container set



Storage? Check. Meant for display? Check. Minimalist? Check. Your list for home decor may not be extensive, but the items you choose are often specifically curated, and you aren't one to budge on that. You are known for your organizational skills, but if you're able to use household items as decor, then you won't hesitate to do so. These geometric glass jars with wooden orbs serving as a lid are perfect for showcasing your kitchen essentials.

Kolesarl Female Form Face Vase

Face-shaped vase



Design and art often come to the forefront of your mind when selecting home decor, Libra. You aren't ashamed of gravitating toward all things beautiful and eye-catching, and your preferred pieces create a feeling of artistic elegance. A statue-inspired "face" vase is a lovely addition that can work as a stand-alone or be filled with fresh flowers for a burst of color.

Funerom 12.8 x 14.3 inch Vintage Decorative Wall Mirror

Vintage-style wall mirror



Home decor choices that mix vintage with a touch of moodiness tend to suit you well, Scorpio. You don't need your color palette to be all black, but your spaces often emulate a dark academia ambiance that feels collected and grounded. Wall pieces such as this vintage mirror can add a little glam to your room without going too over the top, and can pair well with other pieces of wall art or bookshelves you may have on display.

Jofamy Succulent Pots, 4 Pack

Set of 4 ceramic plant pots



Plant life is a great way to add a breath of fresh air to a space, but the pots you choose to put them in are equally as important. Planters can serve as unique decor themselves, and choosing a global or boho-inspired pattern to display can turn your favorite pothos or snake plant into a work of art.

Sharper Image Light Up Electronic Word Clock

Light Up Electronic Word Clock

Sharper Image


Your home office could likely use some sprucing, and what better way than to ensure you always know what time it is? This electronic word clock has been taking the internet by storm for its pretty display of the time in an industrial word form. It's a statement piece that can help you keep track of your schedule.

Donewin Bedside Lamp with USB Port

Bedside lamp with phone charger



Lighting is essential in setting the tone for a space, and this bedside table lamp gives off a clean, sleek feel. That alone would make it worthy for your bedside table, but the fact that it also doubles as a wireless phone charger hits all the right buttons for you, Aquarius—we know you have a soft spot for effective smart tech.

Keledz 5 Pieces Moon Phase Mirror

Moon phase mirrors



You enjoy home decor that reflects your adaptable personality, so why not find a way to display your "go with the flow" nature than by adding a set of moon phase mirrors to your favorite room in the house? The set is a perfect reminder that regardless of what's going on, it's simply a phase—and home decor with a message resonates well with your intuitive nature.

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