Stunning Home Bar Design Ideas

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    Black and Gold Home Bar

    Black home bar with metallic fixtures
    Atlanta Magazine

    The home bar is one of the pinnacles of domestic luxury. Enjoyed by all those fortunate enough to have one, it's the ultimate at-home hangout spot providing the ideal scene for entertaining friends or settling in after a long day. Some homes come with bar spaces already in place. Others require a bit of doing. But whatever the case may be, there's a huge variety of ways in which to style your home bar to be the central location you've always wanted it to be. So whether your home bar takes up an entire room, accompanies a home theater, or opens out of a converted closet, these designer bar spaces have something to show you about how to set your space up for maximum cool.

    This classic bar space is doing everything right with an all-black color palette accented by warm metallic fixtures and lighting. It's a stylish look that would give anyone a reason to spend the night in.

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    Bar With Wood Chevron Shelving

    Sparse home bar with angled shelves
    EST Magazine

    Even simple design features can have a big visual impact. In place of traditional horizontal shelving, this home bar favors shelves canted at a 45-degree angle. The stylish change clearly hasn't hurt the storage capacity of the unit, as it holds a full complement of options with room to spare.

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    Elegant Navy Bar With Glass Shelving

    Forest wallpaper glass shelving navy lacquer bar
    Laurel Bern Interiors

    No matter where you are in your home, wallpaper is an option that should always be considered. The floral pattern used here takes this little corner of the room and whisks it away to an island resort. 

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    Minimalist Home Bar

    minimalist wooden home bar
    The D Pages

    There's no substitute for simple design when creating a streamlined, modern look. This understated bar unit fits seamlessly into the room, matching the warm wood tones of the floors and door trim.

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    Gray, Black and Marble Home Bar

    Gray and Black modern home bar

    Having a hard time finding space for your home bar? Try the top of the stairs. This unique bar setup sits at the top of a stairway, making a basement bar all but unnecessary. 

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    Gray Home Bar With Mirror

    Small home bar room divider
    The Creativity Exchange

    Another space-saving option for fitting in the home bar you've been dreaming of. Here a bar doubles as a room divider, offering comfort and libations to both sides equally without regard to which room you happen to be standing in. 

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    Elegant Built-In Bar

    Home bar in a dining room
    Simplified Bee

    What better addition could you ask for in a dining room than this stunning built-in bar space? Coming complete with sink, glasses and a huge mirror to ensure that the space doesn't feel cluttered, you'll have no trouble getting people to the table for your next get together.

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    Closet Turned Home Bar

    Home bar in a closet

    A surprise behind every door. This hideaway home bar is a perfect option for homes where space is at a premium. And just because a space is small, or even hidden, that's no reason to pass on the styling. Instead, the wallpaper backing of this bar shows us how to take advantage of every precious inch.

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    Sophisticated Cabinet Wine Bar

    Home bar in a wall unit
    Architecture Decorating Ideas

    Installing an upscale, sophisticated wine bar inside a high-end, modern cabinet unit is a sure recipe for a space that you'll love to come home to. The neutral color palette and smooth construction both give the space a sense of luxury—just the sort of pampering we're all looking for at the end of a long week. 

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    Hidden Home Bar

    Dining room bar in a closet
    Birmingham Home & Garden

    This dining room hides its bar space behind a pair of doors. Yet despite being a secret area of the room, the blue walls of the bar and the white doors both continue the color story of the space for a look that remains seamless whether the bar is open or it's already past the last call.

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    Modern Home Bar

    Home theater with a home bar
    Decor Facil

    If you have your own personal theater at home, why not have a home bar to go with it? If you ever dreamed of having the home that hosts every big sports event or movie marathon, this is the combination that will make it happen. This simple but well-appointed bar space is a great complement to a space built for you to put your feet up and enjoy. Again, the expansive use of mirrors opens up the space, keeping things from feeling too closed in.

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    Luxurious Home Bar

    Elegant home bar in a room with tufted sofas

    A home bar is a perfect space for a touch of elegance in your home. Classic furniture choices, such as the tufted sofas seen here, along with a deep and sophisticated color palette combine to create an environment designed for simple pleasures and understated luxuries. 

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    Wallpapered Home Bar

    Home bar with wallpapered back

    Wallpaper isn't just on the outside of the bar. It can also help you make a statement behind it while keeping color continuity with the rest of the room. Green is the color of choice in this space, highlighted by the mustard-brown of the outer bar. The floral-inspired pattern behind the glass, however, sticks with the theme of the room while making it clear where the focal area of the room is. 

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    Black Bar With Geometric Mirror

    Home bar with geometric mirrored back

    We've already seen that mirrors behind the bar are a good idea. They're also another place where a little creativity can take a design moment to the next level. Take a moment to peruse the wine cabinet while seeing the world behind you in a whole new way.

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    Formal Home Bar With Mirror

    Home bar in front of a large mirror
    Norman Askins

    Of all the classic color palettes, black and white might be the most enduring. Here we see it put to good use again as the simplest of color combinations elevates this bar to a sophisticated state of design bliss, aided by the diamond motif being played out on the mirror and cabinets. 

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    Hidden Blue Lacquer Home Bar

    Home bar behind a wallpapered wall
    Ann Porter

    While designing a hidden bar to maintain the color story of a room can be beautiful, designing it to stand out can have dazzling results as well. After all, why hide a bar in a room if not to have it make a dramatic entrance?

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    Emerald Green Tile Home Bar

    Home bar with green tile
    C Home

    Tiling the back of an inset bar space is much like creating a backsplash for your kitchen. It's ​a fantastic way to pack color and pattern into a small space for the biggest possible visual impact.

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    Home Bar With a Pop of Color

    Home bar in built in shelving
    The Zhush

    Here's another space that uses color to call attention to the bar area hiding in the built-in. Rather than repeat the red throughout the space, the designer here elected to pair the bright color with an equally vibrant blue for an intense and eye-catching color combination.

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    Dramatic Black and Blue Home Bar

    Home bar in a blue room
    11 Magnolia Lane

    Color-blocking is the art of doing everything in a room with a single color and making it work. This moody bar space is a study in how to do it right.

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    Hidden Home Bar With Gold Interior

    Hideaway home bar with gold interior
    Pink House

    Sometimes home decor is fun just for the sake of fun. There's nothing wrong with having a little bling at home, especially at the bar area. And if a hideaway bar with a gold-plated interior is still being too subtle for you, try throwing in a neon sign. That should do it. 

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    Black Marble and Gold Home Bar

    Home bar with black marble walls
    Kelly Wearstler

    Marble has been considered one of the most luxurious materials to decorate with since long before the appearance of Rome. Why the stone remains a favorite even after thousands of years is easy to see. Even a small corner bar covered in marble quickly becomes the centerpiece of the room.

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    Home Bar Under the Stairs

    Home bar under a staircase
    Sweet Chaos Home

    Speaking of small corners, there are few spaces in the home that can't be brought into service as the staging area for your home bar. As we see here, the space beneath a staircase has been converted to an at-home speakeasy—complete with colorful seating.

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    Glam Bar Cabinet

    Home bar in a small credenza
    Bo Bedre

    If you're looking for something compact but less mobile than a bar cart, try this. Again, the surface of the mirror decorated with a diamond motif brings a touch of class and intrigue to even the tiniest home bar.

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    Sophisticated Closet Bar

    Home bar in a closet
    Bo Bedre

    A closet bar at the entryway is perfect for greeting guests at the door or slipping right into the evening as soon as you get home.

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    Dramatic Black Home Bar

    Black home bar with colorful rug

    A colorful rug takes this beautifully moody black room with a feature bar space and gives it just enough color to be inviting.