5 Home Businesses You Can Start Today

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    Quick-Start Home Business Ideas

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    These ideas are all low-cost, easy-start home businesses, and with that being the case, they will not pay much to start. You will have to build them--marketing and networking to find customers and clients--in order to earn more money. However, you don't have to ramp up your home business if you are content to just earn a little extra cash from home, as there is very little investment required. It's up to you.

    None of these business ideas require formal training or certification; however,...MORE some may require that you have specific skills in order make a start-up feasible.


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    Online Tutor

    Online Education

    Unlike an in-home or school tutor, online tutoring has a much shorter start-up time because you don't usually have to do the work of building a client base. Many companies will connect you with students and often provide the Internet infrastructure (i.e. web conferencing services) for a cut of your tutoring fees, or they may contract with you to tutor their clients.

    Usually, you need a college degree and some teaching experience; however, depending on the company those skills requirements may...MORE be negotiable. Find Online Tutor Companies

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    Design Mobile Apps

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    Obviously, this business idea is one that you need certain skills in order to make it a doable proposition. But tech know-how is only just part of it. You will need to know how to price and market the apps. How to Make Money With Mobile Apps


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    Sell on Ebay

    Selling On eBay Is Easier Than Getting A Trim Or Shave - New York
    Rob Kim

    Getting started selling stuff on eBay is relatively fast and easy, but maximizing your profit takes some time and effort. Still, this makes for a quick start-up because you can begin with as few as one or two items. Deciding what to sell and for how much is probably the toughest part, but you can gradually expand your business as you learn more. More About Selling on eBay


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    Scrapbooking or Crafting

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    If scrapbooking is something you love to do, consider turning it into a home business. While it will take a while to build a client base, if you already have the skills you could do some small jobs for people you know until you can really market your business.

    And the idea of taking the hobby you love and doing it for money can be extended to just about anything, knitting, jewelry-making or other crafts. With internet sales options like Etsy and eBay, the market for your goods is global. But of...MORE course so is your competition, so you will really have to be an expert at your craft. 


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    Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

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    Pet sitting is probably not a good business for moms with young children, unless they have a relative to watch the kids or other inexpensive child care. But parents with older kids can involve their kids in this business. Again, it takes a while to build a client base but even a few jobs can bring in a little extra money. More on Starting a Pet-Sitting Business